Today‘s batches of creed. Which creed fragrances got good longevity?


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Sep 25, 2022
I'm planning to get my first creed. I read Silver mountain water, virgin Island water and aventus last 2-3 hours. (correct me if im wrong) What about Erolfa and Green Irish tweed, are today's batches weak as well? Should i skip the entire house or do they offer something with good longevity?

If they offer something with good longevity let me know which fragrances they are


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Aug 9, 2009
Virgin Island Water is the longest lasting Creed on me.

I don't think there is a scientific answer to your question. For every Creed that lasts for hours on someone, another person will say it doesn't last well.

I've never been into the whole batch number thing so no idea on that. I haven't bought any Creed in about four years, so no idea if there scents have gotten any "weaker." Almost every Creed I have was bought over six years ago.

You need to get some samples and wear them for yourself. None of us know the longest lasting Creed.


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Basenotes Plus
Oct 14, 2015
From what’s at my local counters, Neroli Sauvage and Erolfa last all day on my skin. Exceptional performance. I’ve tested everything else, except BdP, and they all have far poorer performance than my older bottles. Aventus was done in 4 hours. Aventus Cologne lasted about 6 hours. Everything I’ve tested was acquired from direct sprays that are at the counters. They were not new bottles that need to breathe like a bottle of wine to show their beauty. They were all missing a lot of the ml and have had time to macerate. If you happen to love Neroli Sauvage and/or Erolfa, I can confirm that they perform all day in my humid Louisiana climate. Otherwise, and because of all the differing reports, I highly recommend you test on your skin the ones you’re interested. Best wishes.


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Basenotes Plus
Feb 2, 2022
Focus your attention more to the way it smells, rather than the way it performs.
This is great advice. My favorite fragrances are a favorite, not solely because of performace, but because of how they are blended, evolve, and overall enjoyment of the scent. One if my favorite Creeds is Pure White Colonge and it's not an 8hr frag.

With that being said, I have no issue with the longevity on Creed fragrance. In my experience, new bottles tend to benefit from a few sprays and a month to sit to do whatever…. and then really open up.


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Apr 24, 2021
I agree with the sentiment that you probably need to test the specific fragrance the way you like to spray it and under the various conditions you plan to wear it. Plus, every one's sensitivity to fragrance seems to vary and be highly individual.

For example, I have a post-glory days bottle of Aventus (2021) that projects like crazy and lasts where I've gotten wafts of it in the air even 13 hours after first spraying, whereas others will claim it's gone in less than an hour...

I would also agree to not solely focus on longevity because what's the point of having it last if you do not enjoy the scent very much? If you want longevity, then save some money by skipping Creed and buy Sections Magnifiques because that stuff lasted on my hands through a few hand washes with soap and still stunk. 😭


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Mar 28, 2018
I have several bottles from the Creed "regular" line, all purchased in the last few years (not vintage) and I find they all perform incredibly well, even those which are occasionally criticized for this reason (e.g. MI, SMW, OV) That said, I've also noticed additional improvements in performance after some monhts of use (you know, the maceration matter) in all of them, although in some more evident than in others
Jul 20, 2017
A good scent with poor longevity, and and a poor scent with good longevity are both a problem at the extremes.

However, if longevity is the only thing that matters to you, you can test out how long they last by going to a store and taking a few zip lock bags with you. Spray each fragrance you are interested in on blotters/tester strips (preferably same number of sprays to each) write the names of each and seal them each in a bag to keep them separate from each other. When home, take them out of the bags and lay them out to allow them to evaporate normally. That will give you an even idea of their longevity for yourself.

Whilst in store of the ones you try on paper, spray your favourite 2 to the back of each wrist and see how they perform on skin which you may find is different from the strips. Then you can decide if the scents you like have the longevity you want.

I personally find Creeds from only a few years ago much better scents compared to what they offer now.

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