Today I finished - Perfumes used up in 2023


Basenotes Dependent
Oct 14, 2015
My first bottle finished this year was Acqua di Giò Profondo and I'm onto the next bottle 😂

I can see why, that is a very easy to wear fragrance. Great!

Today I finished a 50-ml bottle of Chanel Allure Homme. It is survived by a 100-ml backup and three flankers.

Good to see that you are covered. :) Love both the original and the flankers! My favorite is Edition Blanche


Basenotes Institution
Sep 1, 2010
Finally finished my bottle of Flower Market by Lush today. lt was my only bottle remaining from the days before l discovered basenotes, & has a "use by" date on the label of April 1st, 2008, & therefore is well over fifteen years old! lt still smells wonderful, & l'd dearly love to replace it, but it's long discontinued...

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