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Jan 20, 2019
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If you're interested in anything below, I can send pics on request:

Try me on anything. Higher on list is leather(K10, K10 Gold, etc.), patchouli, incense or tobacco fragrances. But feel free to try me on anything.

Bourjois Masculin - Pre-barcode, pre-green dot, pre-Masculin2, 100ml splash, 10ml poured out into an atomizer

Nicolaï Patchouli Intense - 1oz LNIB

Lauder for Men - vintage gold cap no box 1.7oz 75% full

Rive Gauche pour Homme 3.4oz aftershave splash 90% full with cap

Halston Z-14 - 2 vintage minis 12ml NIB, 1 vintage mini 12ml with box and cap missing 4-6ml

Bath and Body Works Forest - 3.4oz LNIB

Sir Irisch Moos - 3.4oz or more aftershave splash LNIB

Nikos Sculpture Homme - 1.7oz vintage Lancaster LNIB

Sergio Soldano for Men (White) - 3.4oz with cap very full

Guy Laroche Horizon - vintage Cosmair 1.7oz with cap no box, was new, minus 4-6 sprays

Boucheron - Jaïpur Homme Eau de Parfum - vintage spray 15ml with cap

Red for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills - 1.7oz vintage LNIB

Aramis - Aramis vintage 2oz splash with cap, 70% full

Aramis Tuscany 1.7oz spray with cap, modern formula, I think is 90%+

Balenciaga Le Club de Balenciaga / Ho Hang Club - 1.7oz splash, 50%-75%, I'll have to verify.

Bijan for Men 1oz spray, integrated cap Reformulation, but possibly pre-IFRA formula. 98% full

Capucci pour Homme - I took two 1oz vintage triangle bottles with bad nozzles, and poured into a 2oz glass atomizer that's nearly full

Geoffrey Beene Bowling Green - 2oz older formula, LNIB

Geoffrey Beene - Grey Flannel 1.7 oz spray with cap, modern formula, 95% full

Giorgio Beverly Hills - Giorgio for Men 3.4oz spray, modern formula, LNIB, 98% full

Mäurer & Wirtz - Tabac Original 3.4oz aftershave spray with cap, 80%-90% full, and 1.7oz EDT splash with cap, 80%-90% full. Both are modern formula

Silvestre - Pino Silvestre 1.7oz? spray, integrated cap, 90% full, not sure on the formula

Yves Saint Laurent - Y Eau de Parfum 10ml official mini spray, LNIB, possibly New

Fragrances Marketed to Women:

Vanilla Musk by Coty

Vanilla Fields by Coty

Création by Ted Lapidus

Fan di Fendi Extrême (I think?)

Thanks for your time!
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