Time Capsule (Archived and re-discovered)


Basenotes Dependent
Jun 9, 2011
About a decade ago I was becoming disillusioned with reformulations and disappointed with new releases. Plus, having amassed a collection exceeding 120 bottles, I had plenty. (I quit counting and almost stopped purchasing at this point.) Ordering samples was and is ridiculously time consuming.

Then life events took over my life; I had to move into a smaller place, work became unbearable, sick and dying animals, friends and family, pandemic, my own health, etc.. (I am not asking for sympathy.) Things happen, nothing is forever.

After my move, I left a few bottle easily accessible, but rarely wore any, maybe a couple of times a month. Everthing was/is too inconvenient to get to, so my rotation was just a few bottles left out for use, and those in front or on top. Terre d'Hermes, M7 (original), Leather Oud, Oud Ispahan, Patchouli Impérial, Sycamore, Epic Man, Fate Man, Opus X & VII, Fico di Amalfi, Eau Sauvage. Plus the rare couple of purchases, Anubis, Whispered Myths, a travel set of Silver Mist, and a cannabis terpine heavy scent only sold locally in Portland by Olo, Siela Imeon. That's it for 6-7 years or more. Heck, I think that's more than enough perfume for anyone that maintains sanity and a sense of proportion!

Most of my last buys when I was "panic buying" were put away as pre-reformulated versions, and as it turns out, forgotten and ignored after the move. Many were put in baskets that fit into a wine fridge. (I know... please don't go there.) The idea was that I could easily access them, which I never did. Throwing out original packaging hurt, but lack of storage space required it. Some were kept in their packaging and buried in a closet, time capsuled for mostof a decade.

I knew that somewhere, buried in an unkown spot was a bottle of Amouage Tribute Attar with a ml. or two left. So I started unpacking everthing. It was fun rediscovering the things long ignored, some forgotten.

I found it! Just as I remember there is 2-3ml left. I actually bought this as a split and luckily got the bottle and packaging. Wore it twice and put it away. What I completely forgot about was a new unopened full 12ml bottle of Tribute! I vaguely remember hunting for it as the product was disappearing, and don't remember where I bought it. I know people were arguing over reformulations and such, but I knew better than to argue. A decade later and it should be well macerated and aged.

Many other things were discovered, or to be more correct, archived like a time capsule and rediscovered. I don't know when I will have time to use them all, but that's not the point, is it? There is a lot of drek, but there are a few notables.

I know some of us get back-up bottles. Me too on a couple. But what I do is put away scents that I love too much because I don't want ro deplete my favorites. Silly me. But now that I am "elderly", I had better start using all these vintage un-reformulated gems.

So, have you archived anything?

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