The ultimate way to increase fragrance performance.

While I'm sure this has been done before, I don't think I've seen any discussion on it. To me, this was so life changing for fragrances in my collection, and improving the performance so much, that it possessed me to write a blog about it.

So.. there has of course been plenty of talk about putting frags in a wine fridge, or regular refrigerator to keep them from going bad, or to even help with performance. Try turning up the fridge routine about 10 notches and sticking it in the freezer. Now before you judge this, give it a try. Alcohol can't freeze so it can't ruin your fragrances. Now I don't have enough trial and error to say if taking them out and putting them back in interferes with the juice, but so far, it hasn't

How I discovered this is crazy. I would never think to put a fragrance in the freezer. In my room I have a fridge/freezer combo with an actual separate freezer, not a built into fridge one. Sometimes I keep fragrance samples on top of the fridge, and one day, my Loewe Solo happened to have rolled into the freezer when it was opened. Not noticing it until what I could only assume was a week later, I thought I'd try it on, and wow. Instantly blown away. The top notes became so crisp and fresh, like the fragrance was just made or something. The projection was enormous. The fragrance lasted a lot longer, but mostly because the top notes lasted longer. The mid and base were also stronger, but the big difference was in the top.

I kept it to myself without jumping to the conclusion that I altered the structure of a fragrance. I tested it for a few weeks with other fragrances.. some that are more notorious for having short lived top notes and poor performance overall. 3 fragrances I tried it with. First CH Prive. The reason I chose this is because there's a decant on my desk, I wasn't getting good performance while testing it, and I figured I'd try it. I kept it in the freezer overnight, and wore it out in the morning. I got a compliment from a woman who always compliments me at work, she compliments my fragrances every day pretty much, so it wasn't really anything special. I asked her if she thought it smelled strong, and she said it smelled strong and sexy. To clarify..these words are not uncommon for her, she is an older Spanish women who uses words like "sexy" and "papi" a lot.

Now I'm not an expert on Prive, so I can't really say much. I can say I noticed enough of a difference from the first few wearings from my 10 ml decant, to the last few, in that it was noticeably stronger, mostly with the opening notes. It also improved overall longevity.

The next one I tried was the ultimate test for me, because it's one of my favorite fragrances of all time. It just doesn't perform well usually. That fragrance being Zirh Corduroy. Into the freezer went the whole bottle, and there it stayed for 2 days. I checked on it to make sure nothing was freezing or looking odd inside the bottle. The outside built up a lot of frost though. When I finally took it out to spray it on skin, it was ice cold. The top notes lasted a good 30 minutes, and the fragrance lasted about 7-8 hours on that day, maybe even longer, as I could still lightly smell the base notes. Corduroy never seems to get me compliments though, and unfortunately the Spanish woman at work wasn't working next to me this day. I'll try it again though for sure, as I already wear it very frequently.

The final test was Polo Double Black, and again, the same results.. longer last top notes, and a longer base, overall better performance and more projection. It's remarkable and it simply works!

One other thing. The sprayer gets a little clogged on the first couple sprays, with all of these. After a couple sprays, whatever it is, whether ice, or just frost, or something, it gets pushed out and goes back to spraying normally. I'd also recommend not putting full bottles in the freezer, and only doing decants, in the event that the frigid temperature can ruin something in the bottle causing the mechanics to not work correctly. It just hasn't been tested enough. Fortunately I have about 10 bottles of Corduroy.

Excuse if this blog may have any typos, I'm a bit under the weather right now, but i was really excited to make a blog about this and pass this valuable information on to others who may be seeking more performance from their fragrances. I'm pretty sure everyone has a freezer, this doesn't cost any money to do! Feel free to PM me your results from this, I'd love to hear how it has worked for you!


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