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Dec 20, 2012
parfumerie generale

hi all, been googling like mad but have been unable to find any answers so i thought i'd ask - is parfumerie generale availavle in singapore and where can i find it?


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Jun 17, 2008
As of 2021 I believe they are still unavailable in shops locally and are exclusive to only a few EU retailers. Not sure about the US. I recently purchased a couple of PGs online from Bloom Perfume https://bloomperfume.com/collections/pierre-guillaume-parfumerie-generale which is the exclusive retailer in the UK for Parfumerie Generale. Bloom is offering free shipping for orders above 520 GBP.

The official PG website https://pierreguillaumeparis.com/en/collection-parfum/perfumes-en/numbered-en/ is offering free shipping if you have 2 or more 100ml bottles in your cart. I'm not sure about 50mls.

But the bottle prices on Bloom Perfume are the lowest I found. Take note that you will be taxed an additional 7% GST for orders above 400SGD. I'm not sure if that includes shipping cost or not. And, your bank will charge a conversion fee, in my case DBS' final charge for my order made in GBP was higher than the initial BloomPerfume's charge and invoice. Thus depending on how many you want to get, you should do a trial cart for shipping cost, add local GST if needed and compare which site is the cheaper option. I chose to order from Bloom because triggering their free shipping lead to signifiant savings compared to ordering from PG's site.

10 years ago I used to order from Naz @ https://www.theperfumeshoppecanada.com/parfumerie-generale/
But sadly they aren't available anymore. They had the best prices back then.

My friend from Thailand used to order from https://www.ausliebezumduft.de/ but I haven't checked shipping rates so I can't comment.

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