the rain in spain

Something about rained-in January evenings triggers that "must smell new and amazing things" thing in me. And here I'd thought I'd gotten tired of this hobby! Oh me of little faith.

Am now on a gourmand kick, which is a little dismaying since like a true hipster nerd I scoffed at this category for being too ~eager to please~. This is a huge category with many subcategories, so I look forward to exploring. Just sprayed some Fresh Cannabis Santal on my forearms. Ha! It does smell kinda like Angel, but... I kinda dig it. Uh oh. Here we go.

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Redneck Perfumisto

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Basenotes Plus
Feb 27, 2008
Well, well, well. So we boys aren't the only ones with a path to the heart through the old stomach.... :wink:

Go forth and enjoy those gourmands. I love the gourmandy Guerlains - just love 'em. Thierry Mugler - the MAN. Oh, yeah. Personally, I think Boise Torride is just sex in a bottle. Wonderful stuff! And I've never met a L'Instant that I didn't love.



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May 22, 2008
Pretty soon I'm gonna be drowning in vanilla, dude. I'm actually making plans to stop by Sephora tomorrow to smell Pink Sugar and Chocolovers. I figure if I'm gonna do this, might as well go to sugar-vanilla-chocolate hell and back (and maybe like it)! ;)

I've heard amazing things about Spiritueuse Double Vanille and-- (thanks for the tip, I'd never heard of this one) does Bois Torride really have a marshmallows accord? What. AMAZING.

I see TPC is going to take a bit more of my money this month.

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