The new and niche brand NISHANE did a presentation in Europe


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Dec 16, 2012
NISHANE from Istanbul is spreading its wings and the creators of this niche brand gave a beautiful presentation at their
first European dealer; Essie Darling in Rotterdam (Netherlands)
In 2015 more European dealers will be added to their network, while their website will be up and ready soon.

I was at the presentation and was impressed by their creations and their presentation,
but I must add that I find it very difficult to try more than three scents in a row.
For now I bought the cologne perfumée Golfe Arabe and I hope the ingredients are readable.

The perfume line will go on sale early 2015 and are packed differently.

The picture underneath shows Murat Katran, one of the two creators of Nishane, doing his presentation at the
perfume bar at 'Essie Darling'.
Very passionate people and it was great talking to them.

I would say keep an eye on this brand, even while it is still not easy to get, but I am sure many of you will like it a lot.
A digital brochure with all the info about their Cologne perfume is available from their website.
The website is under construction I just noticed, but the download link for the brochure works.

Have wonderful holidays everyone !
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Dec 16, 2012
May I ask how much a bottle of this is selling for in Euros?

Prices for the perfume range were not communicated yet.
For the 30ml Eau de Cologne perfume I paid Euro 49,50 but it depends a little on which cologne you pick from the line.


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Apr 20, 2012
Just wait for the Extrait line. Top quality ingredients blended masterfully!

It's not about ethnocentrism. I've tried many of the newcomers and really amazed by the quality. I'll share my detailed impressions as soon as i get my discovery set.


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Dec 16, 2012
Thank you Hellhound, I am looking forward to your experiences early next year.
I have ordered my favourite already from the Extrait line.


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Oct 25, 2007
Just wait for the Extrait line. Top quality ingredients blended masterfully!

It's not about ethnocentrism. I've tried many of the newcomers and really amazed by the quality. I'll share my detailed impressions as soon as i get my discovery set.
Would love to hear your thoughts on these. :thumbsup:


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Jan 18, 2010
The owners (very nice guys indeed) were kind enough to supply me with a sample set of their extrait line.

The line consists of 16 fragrances, which is challenging for a newcomer in niche market but i kinda see the brand as next to Parfumerie Generale line, in terms of both presentation and quality.

Here are the names and my quick insights of them

1) Wulong Cha: A nice blend of green tea and light spices, a la Ellena Bulgari The Vert style

2) Ambra Calabria: One of my favorites in line, great blend of orange-citrus and sweet amber. Very long lasting for a citrus fragrance, Xerjoff style!

3) Boszporusz: A fragrance from Istanbul, dedicated to Bosphorus, though it seems as a cliche, it falls nothing short from Profumum Roma, Acqua di Sale, a great one.

4) Passion Choco: Not my cup of tea, though i am sure there will be admirers, chocolate-fruit blend, like Frapin fragrances

5) Santalove: It quickly reminded me of Lutens' Santal Blanc, it is also supported by nice jasmine notes.

6) Spice Bazaar: Well, bring it on! These guys did not hold themselves in adding every spicy notes for this one, great oriental!

7) Munegu: I am quite sure that this one will have its dedicated lovers! Orange and not-so-sickly spices is this one, very good masculine.

8) Sultan Vetiver: A nice vetiver, that is a hommage for Guerlain vetiver.

9) Tuberoza: Here comes the red collection of the series, mainly for the female admirers, this one can be said is for tuberose admirers as the name suggests, however it also contains other nice floral notes.

10) Düftblüten: My girl absolutely loved this. No more words, a great floral!

11) Vjola: It is mainly based on powdery floral violette notes, admirers of Prada and Chloe will love this.

12) Rosa Turca: A great soliflore, base on Turkish roses and other floral notes.

13) Suede et Safran: And here begins the masculine heavy hitters! This one is veeery likely to Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather, but a little bit softer and more comforting.

14) Pachuli Kozha: This is grrreat for admirers of Coromandel style pachuli! One of my favorites in the line

15) Musiqa Oud: A line without an oud fragrance, you must be joking, well, this is a western blended oud, as much like MFK, but a little softer.

16) Africa Olifant: Here is the most heavy hitter of the line! Full of animalic musk and reeks of masculinity. This one takes guts to pull on!




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Jan 18, 2010
Well for finishers, here are my winners for the line, that i sure would like a full bottle

1) Ambra Calabria
2) Munegu
3) Suede et Safran
4) Pachuli Kozha
5) Boszporusz
6) Wulong Cha
7) Musiqa Oud


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Jan 18, 2010
7) Munegu

Top: Orange, Cedar
Mid: Cumin, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Geranium, Ylang ylang
Base: Pachuli, Tobacco, Amber, Frankincense, Labdanum

13) Suede et Safran

Top: Amber, Saffron
Mid: Suede leather, Ginger
Base: Musk and leather accords

16) Afrika Olifant

Top: Ambergris, Frankincense, Myrrh, Labdanum
Mid: Castoreum, Civet, Leather, Oud
Base: Musk and civet accords


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Dec 27, 2005
Just got to try this line and I highly recommend it. It is being carried at Twisted Lilly and Indiescents has it also. Every fragrance I tried was very outstanding. Not all were to my taste, but I can see the delicacy of artistic enterprise in these perfumes. This line is certainly up to par with the best niche lines I've tried but it seems to be just starting out. Up there with Matriarch, Nishane Istanbul is a winner! My favorites were:

Suede et Safran - very delicate saffron, ambrette leather. Similar to Godolfin by Pd Marly and possibly the best of this type of suede leather I've tried.

Africa Olifant - a wild floral patchouli/incense/ animalic leather base note fragrance. the combination of notes sounds heavy and masculine but I thought it was kind of wild and expressionistic.

Musqa Oud - an earthy animalic musk.

Pachuli Kozha - patchouli and cocoa with strong cedar and animalic notes.

Munegu - warm cumin coriander and incense notes - dry finish. Very hard to categorize this one, but was intriguing.
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