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Sep 29, 2000
Back in 2008 when vB3.7 was released, a new feature for the software was introduced: Social Groups.

So, we implemented it here

vBulletin was obviously inspired by Facebook's then newly launched Groups functionality.

In a vBulletin group you could join it, upload pictures and have discussions.

It was a fun idea, but apart from a few outliers, it didn't really take off on Basenotes.

We are moving to a new forum software soon, which doesn't have native support for groups. So we need to decide what we are going to do with our groups.

  • Any groups with images, we will import the images into the Albums feature of the site so they aren't lost
  • Once the images are imported, any groups with zero discussions will be deleted.

With the groups with discussions we will be converting the discussions to standard forum threads. Because they will be normal threads, they will be accessible by everyone. What we do with those threads will depend on a few factors:
  • Groups with low amounts of messages will have their discussions moved to the most appropriate forums
  • Groups that are private will be deleted
  • Groups that are region based will be moved to a forum for that region
  • Larger, non utilised groups will be converted into a sub-forum and archived
  • Larger groups that still have activity will be converted into a forum (There's only a handful, so I may as well list them: Powerhouse Fragrance Users and Coneheads)

Group users and owners, I'd love your feedback on this.

If you have any requests for your groups please let me know before the end of July 2021 :)

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Jan 6, 2012
That all sounds fine to me.

To me also. None of the groups I've joined have had activity, so I won't be fussed to lose them. I've always thought the most useful purpose for groups was regional, for local meetups and such. If you put them in a forum for that region, that should be just as practical.

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Jul 1, 2011
I don't see much point in having groups anymore, most individuals use the threads as their source for information and expressing interest in particular fragrances.

I'm the owner of the existing Creed Group which I inherited from another BNer. We could probably delete that group.

From what I can tell there's very little interest in vintage/classic Creeds anymore. Most of the individuals during Creed's heyday have since left and those who have remained, many of them have since divested off their collections. As for me, I consider myself retired from Creed.

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Feb 27, 2008
Groups Messages have now been converted to Forum Threads and can all be found here

Coneheads, Power House and Profumo I've converted to forums. The rest are currently archived in the Social Group forum

Thanks! I just checked Coneheads, and that group/forum has an incredible amount of value. Ody has created extensive reviews and discussions which are of value far beyond BN - researchers of the future will find them of immense interest.


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Jan 12, 2007
Hi to all, thanks to Grant for the move and for the comments of support. I enjoyed creating Coneheads and look forward to more discussion in the wider forum context.

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