The authorative niche fragrance map of Amsterdam


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Sep 23, 2007
Yes, tongue firmly in cheek.

Totally stolen the idea from Nukapai, who did a map of London. Great idea!
Do tell me if you have any additions/improvements!

The Map.
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Apr 30, 2008
Great idea!

You should add this one:

Perfumes of the Past,
Binnen Oranjestraat 11, Amsterdam

This is a link to an article about that shop in Het Parool.

There may be an incomprehensible Javascript alert before you see the text but you can just ignore that.

(Or is Perfumes of the Past the same as "Unknown store somewhere on the south side of the Haarlemmerdijk" on your map? Not sure.)
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Apr 30, 2008
Do tell me if you have any additions/improvements!

Another addition:

John + Vera Hartman
Prinsengracht 176
1016 HB Amsterdam

Female clothing store; fragrances they carry are Acqua di Parma, Eau d'Italie and Il Profumo.
I also was on the Haarlemmerdijk today but I could not find your unknown store with Montale in the window ...

Best wishes,
Jan Pieter


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Feb 25, 2004
Great map, thank you ! Will be highly appreciated during our visit of Amsterdam in a few weeks !



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Jul 14, 2012
What a great idea to make a perfume shop map for Amsterdam! I'm going there in October 2016. Is it possible to see the map anywhere? I tried to get in through the link, but I had no permission?! Anyone who know how to reach/find it? :)

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