The Absolute WORST Fragrance of All Time


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Dec 29, 2021
DS&Durga Burning Barbershop. 🤮

Worst blind buy of my life. Truly awful scent that I need to get out of my collection. Smelling it honestly makes me want to puke.


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Oct 6, 2021
Bacarat rouge 540, both edp or extrait
oud for greatness
L'Oud Tauer
and also, more or less, a goo 89% or plus of the Montale/Mancera catalogue 😅
Perverso from Baruti, disgusting, usefull strong, invadent sweet overwhelming and boor perfume, i hate it
finally, more or less, every gourmand...

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Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Dec 15, 2015
My bottle was the clear juice and I have to say I wore it three times- the first and last time it was revolting and the second time I couldn’t detect the onion/BO aspect at all! VERY strange experience. When it was bad it was BAD. Not simply a cumin note- it was positively gag inducing.
I've tried to wear it three times as well and it's all B.O. and rottent onions on my skin.


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Aug 1, 2011
Precious Oud by Mancera is awful to me. All the notes sounded great on paper....but that opening....:sick:

Other ones are some random super cheap clones I've owned in the past. The ones with the similar looking bottles but with a dodgy translated name. Would always give me a headache/feel ill.

Thankfully, I like 99% of fragrances I sniff out. (which is also bad for the wallet!)

I do really want to try Secretions Magnifiques though. Is it really as bad as I remember people saying years ago?

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