Ted Lapidus Pour Home Extreme Black and Gold??


Basenotes Junkie
Nov 6, 2010
I'm wearing Extreme Black now, and I dig it ok. I'm wondering if anyone has the Gold version?
I will go ahead and review Extreme Black it definitely has a similar smell to the original Lapidus Pour Homme. I'd say the honeyed tobacco smell is there, and so is the prickly opening pineapple smell. I don't know what to make of this smell. It seems kind of like they wanted to do something similar to what Azzaro Pour Homme Onyx/Silver Black did for the original Azzaro Pour Homme. It has a similar note in it's sweetness to Balenciaga Pour Homme but I'm not sure what it is. It smells like it would taste good in oatmeal. When I sprayed it on today I couldn't help but think about the women's fragrance Tabu. Extreme Black has a prickly soda pop or root beer vibe or something. I really like Lapidus Extreme Black.

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