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Jun 10, 2012
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Any bottle listed here is available for sale as well.



I have these two up for swap -

Monsieur de Givenchy vintage
Caron Yatagan

Photos on my sale thread here. Looking to swap the two together. Not that picky.

Also have for swap -

* Bottega Veneta pour Homme Extreme (100 ml with cap and box, 99% remaining)
* Acqua di Gio Essenza (75 ml, brand new sealed)

* interested in Gucci pour Homme II, Midnight in Paris EdP, Antidote, M7


Xerjoff Naxos (5 ml travel spray, sprayed 5-6 times)
Cartier Pasha Parfum (5 ml)

Samples / Miniatures

Tom Ford Beau de Jour (2020), I have 20+ official samples of this one
Cartier L'Envol, 15 ml with box, sprayed 4-5 times
YSL Y EdP, 10 ml original travel spray
Armani Code Absolue - 2 miniatures (one 99% remaining, one unopened)
Versace Eros Flame - 2 miniatures (one 99% remaining, one unopened)


1. Happy to swap one for many or many for one in order to even out trade values.

2. For bottles I prefer full presentation, especially the cap.

Thanks for looking!

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