Suggestions for a soapy/mastic/incense fragrance such as the original LANVIN VETYVER of the 80's?


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Oct 18, 2010
The original/vintage Lanvin Vetyver was a real masterpiece. It opened with citrus notes bur soon gave way to a clean smelling incense/soapy fragrance with hints of mastic... Superb and ingenious, sophisticated, chic and sexy at the same time!!! Alas the rendition bears no resemblance to the original. I wish Lanvin relaunched the original Vetyver. Can anybody of those who knew the original fragrance suggest something similar that is available on market?


Basenotes Institution
Jan 21, 2006
My first choices would be- sadly discontinued fragrances like Eau de Vetyver by Yves Rocher, Gucci Nobile, Davidoff Relax, vintage Trussaardi Uomo, Francesco Smalto PH, Lancetti Uomo Concentree (still worth getting, however only if affordable during clearance/vintage/limited edition sales).

Other that, actually two classic feminine chypres, namely No 19 and Silence de Jacomo smell quite close to this in my opinion- as well as quite unisex, but also Tuscany Uomo Forte among the masculine choices (occasionally re-released in mainstream fragrance stores lately, along with other Aramis classics), and marginally even the Parfum flanker of Eau Sauvage and also by Dior, the Absolute and Parfum flankers of Fahrenheit.

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