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Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jul 12, 2016

I have enough fragrances that I have to pre-plan my wearings sometimes a few months in advance, and in the case of holiday's, birthdays, etc I often want to pick a specific fragrance for the moment. I would very much love to have a "clickable" calendar where I can click on each day and select a fragrance that will automatically fall into my SOTD selection (without me having to select it). And to have the ability to "edit" my picks and choose something else, as I also do this sometimes.

I like wearing scents based on occasions, seasons, outings (indoors/outdoors), temperature, etc. So, pre-planning is very helpful. For instance, this month I am focusing on Fougeres, green scents, balsamic's and some resinsous scents. I currently track my pre-planned fragrances on a notepad on my computer that I save. I would very much rather do ALL my fragrance planning, tracking and SOTD posting on Basenotes.

I think this kind of calendar idea would help people who have growing collections and can't seem to remember to wear a scent that they tried to tell themselves to wear months ago. Well, with a calendar on Basenotes, you CAN be sure to remember and can organize your wearings.

Ok, I'm done with salesman mode. I know this is a great idea, so get started already. :geek::LOL:
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