Strongest, most uncompromising Cypres scent you know of...


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Jan 21, 2006
Designer- maybe Hermes Rocabar, Aramis Tuscany, La Martina Hombre, some of the Eau Sauvage flankers/variations like Parfum and/or Fraicheur Cuir, Lalique Homme EDP, Loewe para Hombre

Niche-likely too many to mention, but personally considering that (at the risk of being either incomplete or wrong) that some of the Amouage scents, especially Bracken, most of the Hugh Parsons EDP concentration scents, FM Geranium pour Monsieur and maybe also further Frederic Malle creations, almost upper tier designer priced yet niche tier quality level scent Yatagan by Caron, Floris Elite, Knize Forest, some of the Atkinsons new (er) offerings like 41 Burlington Arcade along with 44 Gerrard Street, some if not most or all of the scents from the Les 7 Parfums Capitaux series by Jovoy Paris and also many others mange to earn their well deserved place
Nov 20, 2017
On the reviews it just talks about wood. Are the Cypress notes strong?

From the original marketing copy : there's the reference to cypress, (but it was 3 forms of patchouli, not of cypress). I definitely get the cypress; it's part of that slightly lemony terpenic opening. There were posts on BN back in 2018 discussing possible similarities between GGA and CdG Hinoki (itself another form of cypress)
Leather accord and goldenwood are custom-mixed with natural extract of the Nootka Cypress, selected especially for Gucci Guilty Absolute.
The resulting scent features ultra-dry woody notes. The fragrance’s composition is intensified with three forms of patchouli oils and earthy vetiver.

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