Sour notes


Basenotes Member
Jul 4, 2021
I have recently tested a few fragrances that have a sour woody facet to them. I suppose you could call it piney but to me it comes across more sour. The three fragrances in question are Full Incense, Encens Suave and Myrrhe Imperial. They all have resinous notes, but none of them have all of the same notes or even a single resinous note in common that I could isolate and attribute the sourness to. The three resinous notes in question are incense, elemi and myrrh. The reason I went down the path of sampling these fragrances is because I have Eau Sauvage Parfum 2012 which has a very prominent (rubbery, if you ask me) myrrh note but nothing about these fragrances smells anything close to that. What would you guys attribute the sourness to and is a fragrance like Zefiro (which I’m thinking of sampling, and which has elemi and incense) also sour like this?

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