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Common Lackey
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Jan 6, 2012
Ooo, this feels a little strange. Guess I don't have my sea legs yet.

Since I didn't have anybody to report it to, I wore some Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Forever today -- and am feeling a little sheepish about it!

Somehow I wandered into a real-time Chat Room here -- just like the old days of AOL -- and had no idea how I got there. All I could think of was what a nightmare that would be for the Mods.

Common Lackey
Basenotes Plus
Jan 6, 2012
I'm gonna try to insert some images...

Hmm, interesting. It defaults to adding something from your PC's hard drive, not from your BN assets folder. Guess I'll learn later how that works.



We all smell here
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Jan 3, 2019
Yesterday I started the day in Smuggler's Soul by Lush, after lunch I changed into Hypnotic Poison which was my main scent of the day and after a night shower went to sleep in a few sprays of Twilight by Lush :)

Oh, and today I am doused in a cloud of Guerlain's Insolence EDT. I'm working from home today so I can be as big a fragranced cloud as I please (as long as cat doesn't complain).

I missed BN, too!
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