SOTD: Thursday, 9th September, 2021

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Oct 25, 2007
Oud Edition by Montale



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Dec 5, 2007
Good morning all !. Great to hear some positive news, Shycat :thumbsup:. Keeping fingers crossed the situation will continue to improve., loved the Cajun Kaiju pic :grin:

Etat Libre D'Orange - Tom Of Finland.




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Basenotes Plus
Jan 9, 2006
Good morning.

We had some rain during the night for which
I am sure my garden is grateful. Another sunny
morning, however, so more gardening today.

My SOTD is Idylle by Guerlain.

roses shop.jpg


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Basenotes Plus
Jun 4, 2006
Hello, and happy new year to anyone who celebrated Rosh Hashanah over the past few days. Here's to a wonderful and sweet year for all!

Since it's traditional to eat honey-laden food at this time of year (for sweetness), I'm wearing 4160 Tuesdays Dirty Honey. It's hitting the spot!


And apparently I somehow managed to conflate "cassis" and "anise" (they rhyme if you say them in French! My only possible excuse. :p ). Oy! So I've been living my life in darkness and inadvertently avoiding fragrances (and liqueurs) with black currant notes - and I *love* the smell (and taste!) of dark, sweet fruits. Sigh. Thanks for setting me straight, gang. :)

Crimes of Passion: Dirty Honey fragrance notes: Beeswax, Honey absolute, Woods, Vanillin, Labdanum, Jasmine, Honeybush extract.


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Sep 5, 2013
Shycat and Trilby, the car dealership has been trying to buy my six-year-old Honda too. And I track my finances in Mint and have watched how the value over the last year has increased instead of decreased, which is kind of bonkers.

Mike, I have a foam roller that I used once and it hurt so much I never used it again. Thankfully the mattress change seems to have done the trick.

I'm wearing Angel Muse, a bit much in the heat, but the apartment smells like sawdust as I'm having the kitchen redone and I needed to drown out the smell. Now if only the cleaning fairies would arrive and get rid of all the sawdust that has gone everywhere.

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Jan 6, 2012
L'Eau de Merzhin by Anatole Lebreton

Perfume can normally never be too green for me, so what went wrong here? I love galbanum, and hay and grass, and (usually) love orris butter and violet leaf, but this somehow just misses the mark; too sweet? too damp? Close enough to the bullseye to deserve a second try on another day, though.



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Feb 24, 2021
Wearing vintage Miss Dior EDT today, which my mother found in an antique store for $5. I love a chypre on an overcast day.
IMG_3148 (1).jpg
Tonight I have class, which my professor has been moving outside when the weather allows. I love it - I think I learn better outdoors than sitting inside a classroom. Anything to make this long haul of a PhD program a bit more pleasant!


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Jul 5, 2010
I was wondering if L’Eau de Merzhin might be a bit on the sweet side for you, I want to revisit it - my memory wearing it side-by-side with Corsica Furiosa is that LEdM is both more green and noticeably more sweet than CF.

It’s been gorgeous here since Tuesday. It’s nice to be outside without the stifling humidity.

You’re right about the angle of the light, Trilby. I celebrated the coming of autumn today by wearing Olympic Orchids Woodcut.
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