SOTD: Thursday, 7th October 2021


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Apr 4, 2010
Larimar crossed my mind this morn, and here he is! If that brings people back, I've got to think about ComDiva and ExtremeK and Mike Perez and ... 🤔
me? :)

Hello wonderfully smelling people! Let's get acquainted and re-acquainted. I haven't been here forever and it would be safe to say that the love of fragrance is the only thing that hasn't changed in my life - even though there was a period of time when my collection stayed untouched. When I unpacked it and started looking at it it felt as if I inherited it from an aunt I didn't know very well. It took me a while to reconnect back to my memories and start owning it.

I am not wearing anything from my collection right now though - I am sporting Lolita Lempicka from a sample made in 2015.


Boy oh boy! When it was being sold on every corner I did not like it. I like it much better now when it is almost too late to act on it.
I am giving it a full wearing today, no testing, no compromises. Maybe after that it'll drop off my wishlist or maybe it'll just nestle in there.


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Aug 9, 2005
Warum! It was [unbelievably!] 9-1/2 years ago we met up with Matildaben in Portland, Oregon, for perfume and tater tots (which were on trend back then 😁). I'm flummoxed over this time travel thing.

Of course, everybody's lives have changed, but we do get on better in the company of the sort of smart, kindly gentlefolks who frequent here. You've probably noticed some old, diehards are holding the fort. I can attest you'll adore the rest, too. ClockworkAlice is one of our newer shining stars. We need young blood as some of us keep time traveling ahead.


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Apr 4, 2010
OMG 9-1/2 years ago, this does sound insane! It was a very fun trip.
I think that same year I took my Mom to the House of Perfumes in Portland and we bought her a fragrance that she picked out ahead of time and another one she picked out in the store.
Because of the pandemic I haven't been to Portland forever so thanks goodness for online shopping.


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Oct 18, 2005
Hello & greetings to all of you! I see so many old friends on this thread. I've missed being here with you but very happy for Grant's assistance today logging in.

Lots & lots has happened but that can be said for all of us, I'm sure. I'll be happy to fill you in but I won't hog the SOTD thread. Private message me, if you'd like an update. Let's have a virtual slumber party!

Anywho....SOTD is Zoologist Elephant in honor of my mom, who love them. We had a lovely conversation earlier today & she's doing great.

Hug, hugs & more hugs to all you "old timers" & newbies alike.

So majestic.....


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Jul 5, 2010
Basenotes PJ sample party? Yes, please.

You have mighty powerful thought waves, Q. You mused, you thought, I arrived. Muy bien.

I missed you guys something fierce. Glad to be back. @Grant, I love the new site. So intuitive. And the font -- OMG the font. Did I mention I'm a font geek? So much easier to read.

Foxbins, you know you write just the way you sound in real life, right? It's like you're right here next to me on the balcony. Except you'd hate being here next to me because I'm wearing Robert Greco Œillères. 😬

Jon, warm wishes to your mum for a smooth and speedy recovery.

I should mention, foxbins would have enjoyed hanging out with me earlier in the day when I was wearing Parfumerie Generale L'Ombre Fauve.
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Trilby Lark

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Feb 17, 2013
I didn't bother mentioning it earlier, but as someone who began setting type with a Compugraphic 7200 in 1973, I do love this soothing expanded font.

That's right -- blind typesetting, no screen. No spell checker. Just Marie, an actual proofreader.
Is this the machine that produced type on a ribbon tape? That's how it was early in my marketing career, supervising print advertising design.


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Apr 4, 2010
I changed into White Linen before bed.


I have a .18 fl oz miniature one third full, I believe a vintage one, but when I tried checking the batch code it returned an error. I tried a bunch of variations - is it a C? Is it a G? is it a 6? is it an zero or an O? I wonder if I cannot see the code or if I don't have an authentic mini. Or it is simply too old and the codes do not go all the way back. No idea where it came from.

I still enjoy floral aldehydic compositions very, very much.

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