SOTD: Thursday, 2nd September, 2021

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Oct 25, 2007
Kyoto by Diptyque



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Dec 31, 2006
I was busy all day yesterday so I didn't post but I wore Oud Sinharaja by Bortnikoff (because someone mentioned it on the Bortnikoff thread) and really enjoyed it, even if it does fade sort of quickly...

Today, a sample that I am pretty sure I picked up in Chicago at the BN Meet up. I always have memories of a co-worker (when I was a young adult) wearing this fragrance, so it was hard for me to enjoy it without all of the feminine-associated-memories. But today I am wearing the vintage Eau de Cologne and wow this is so well done. The core of the fragrance just smells poisonous and green and almost salve-like but it's laid over with so much unique floral notes and then flashes here and there of aldehydes. I love how 'shimmery' it smells...

Chamade (vintage EdC) by Guerlain

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