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Oct 25, 2007
Rouge 540 by Baccarat



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Basenotes Plus
Dec 5, 2007
Good morning all !. :birthdays: Happy Birthday kewart :birthdays:

:birthdays: Happy Birthday Varanis Ridari :birthdays:

Sincerest thanks for all the concern folks :smiley:. The always perceptive Mrs Q nailed it (work). Some people seem to have a knack of turning blind incompetence into an art form :angry:

I am now off until Monday and the weather is glorious :coolold:, Salome just wasn't for me I'm afraid. Most of the vintage animalics I love are multi-dimensional but Salome just hit me with a barrage of filth and not much else. There seemed to be relatively little development on my skin and I just found it intolerable.

Myrurgia - Embrujo De Sevilla.



Belated birthday greetings to freewheelingvagabond :beer:


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Jun 19, 2005
Hello and best to everyone. Happy birthday, dear Kewart! :birthdays:
((((Jon)))) enjoy your time off, not a moment too soon.

Sisley Izia today.


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Aug 9, 2005
Kewart, I hope your birthday and dinner out are perfecto! [Can't seem to post cutesy smileys right now, so imagine chef making fingertip-kissing motion.]

Varanis Ridari, do have a jolly day all day long.

:beer: Enjoy, Jon.

Going to go out and kill some invasives. Grrrrr. Leaning manly in Bel Ami.


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Jan 3, 2019
Happy Birthday, kewart!!!

Happy Birthday, Varanis Ridari!!!

Lots of best wishes, hugs, cake and other tasty and good-smelling things to you both, dears! :thumbsup: :beer:

I started the day with Alaia body cream and a few dabs of edp, but ended up topping it with Bapteme du feu after lunch. My nose is still acting up, so the stronger and spicier the scent, the better I can smell it right now. I'm starting to wear my winter favourites earlier than usual :)

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Jan 6, 2012
Many happy returns, Kewart! Even though it's 180 degrees away from my usual perfume lanes, who could resist that gorgeous Badgley Mischka bottle? I bought a couple of empty small ones to use for decants.

And Varanis, all gwown up now at 40 years old. How time does fly.

Wearing Spell 125 today, it is unexpected and complex.

I'm itching to try that one, but a bit worried since ExtremeK disliked it so much, and her taste in greens pretty much aligns with mine 99.9%.

Doing a little perfume research last night, I wound up reading almost the entire thread for a sample pass that PerfumedLady was very active in, and it made me miss her so much. We have so many lovely people on Basenotes, but it's still kind of a rare bird who is so skilled at putting words to work for them that the full spectrum of their voice and personality comes across in their posts. I still hope she'll return one day.

Taking it easy today in preparation for Full-Tilt Autumn Equinox this weekend:

Hermés Eau d'Orange Verte



Doing the BN salute
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Aug 9, 2005
There are few things in life so easily accessed and quickly rejuvenating as a good shower, even when bug bites and scratches from briars sting under the hot water. One day I may have to hire some youngin to cut and dab the vines and such, but I'm still fighting the seemingly endless invaders for now.

From the realm of desirable plants, I'm wearing cedar and iris, aka Prada d'Iris Cedre.
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Feb 17, 2013
I'm wearing Guerlain Heritage again today. The heat of summer came late this year and I've been staying indoors for weeks to avoid the 90+ degree heat. Finally, it's beginning to cool down and I was able to go on a lovely walk after breakfast. I saw a lone dry, brown maple leaf on the asphalt and it brought joy to my heart. Oh, Autumn, please come quickly!


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Basenotes Plus
Oct 18, 2005
Happy Birthday to you both, Kewart and VR!

HoP, glad you enjoyed the thunder! I do myself, whenever I can get it.

Q, I wish you and I could see each other's bodies, in the nicest way. I looked around at myself yesterday and thought...Man, I need to stay inside for a while until I heal up. I seem to get going and find out later that I have some new abrasion or scratch.

My three brown recluse bites are the most exciting--they're much better now, but some spider fell down my v-neck T and I have bites across my topmost fat roll. They looked like I'd been tortured with a burning cigarette and expanded out to nickel sized weepy welts. TMI?

Yesterday I had my arms over my head and a wasp stung me on my tender white side boob. I shrieked and threw that pressure washer winding.

It's just dangerous out there, and I don't think White Claw has anything to do with it. Much.

Today, I stayed in. Watched Beat Bobby Flay on TV and made Sam a panini type sandwich under an aluminum foil wrapped heavy pot. I might need a real panini press.

sote is CSP Matin Calin.


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Jul 5, 2010
Many happy returns to dear :birthdays: kewart :birthdays: and :birthdays: Varanis Ridari :birthdays: !

I'm itching to try that one, but a bit worried since ExtremeK disliked it so much, and her taste in greens pretty much aligns with mine 99.9%.

The degree to which I disliked Spell 125 surprised me. A lot of times, when I dislike a fragrance, I'll spend some time sniffing it to try and figure out why. It's an Input/Learner thing, not a masochistic thing. But not with Spell 125. I couldn't get it off me fast enough.

I miss PerfumedLady, too, CB. She's a true gem.

Q, until you showered, we were twins in Bel Ami today!

Do you know what I love about Bel Ami? The first 20 minutes are a massive cumin bomb! At least on me. I've never heard anyone mention how filthy the current formulation of Bel Ami is or complain about the cumin. I'm starting to think my skin really magnifies cumin, which is totally fine with me. Then it settles down into a fantastic warm, spicy leather. Love, love, love. How the hell did I not get this when we were ransacking the Hermes store in Chicago? My nose was probably about shot by then, is all I can think. Or else I was distracted by Galop., you were right about me and Eau d'Hermes. Of course. :laugh:

ETA: Jon, sorry about work stupidity. Hopefully it’s well in the rearview by this point, helped along by a nice bottle (or two).
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Jun 8, 2008
Hello, all you beauties! Happy birthday to kewart.

Here's a photo of my break fast, or fast break per my son, post Yom Kippur. Of all things fasting 25 hours has gotten easier as I've gotten older.

SOTN is Naomi Goodsir Or du Serail, from the discovery sample set. It's all suede, marshmallow, and ashtray. I like it! 20210916_212804.jpg

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