SOTD: Sunday, 5th September, 2021

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Oct 25, 2007
Secret Absolu by Fragonard


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Dec 5, 2007
Good morning all !. :birthdays: Happy Birthday sophi :birthdays:

cazaubon, I still have more Francesca Bianchi sampling to do which includes Calme et Volupté. Watch this space :smiley:

Looks like summer is returning with a vengeance this week. Relieved it only seems to be for a short period. Joining all those ready for autumn.

Roja Dove - 51 Pour Homme.




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Jun 19, 2005
Hello and best to everyone. Happy birthday, Sophi! :birthdays:

Normally I’d be more than ready for autumn by now, but this year we had very little summer weather to speak of.

Valentino Voce Viva today.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Dec 5, 2007
Had lunch at the local garden centre today. Their seasonal garden is particularly impressive this year. Wine and nibbles surrounded by THIS takes some beating :thumbsup:




SotE - Oscar De La Renta Pour Lui.



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Sep 5, 2013
I'm wearing En Passant today, heading to Honolulu tomorrow. Happy Labor Day weekend to USA Basenoters.


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Jul 5, 2010
Hello, all. We're joining our oldest and his family for lunch today. It's warmer again today but not bad at all.

I'm enjoying a sample of Parfum d'Empire Yuzu Fou. Lovely citrus and verbena with more than a touch of sweaty cumin. Perfect for today somehow.


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Sep 1, 2010
l now have two weeks off, well-timed because we're set for summery weather this week, plus l get some time to recover from my injury. lt's already beginning to improve, & l think maybe l don't have a fracture after all. :D

l'm wearing Fig-Tea this evening, & we're waiting for some lndian food to be delivered for dinner. :tongue:


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Jan 1, 2005
Yay for vacation and healing wrist teardrop! And bon voyage to foxbins. Jon, those photos are lovely! Still grey and cool here today, but should get some sun later in the week. Summer is definitively over though, you can feel the coolness in the air.

Despite all that I’m in the mood for flowers, wearing Iris Ganache.


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Apr 27, 2006
Hello everyone and Happy birthday Sophi :) It's another grey day here. Teardrop, we are also having Indian today. Butterchicken :) We're cooking together at home :) Sotd is Messe de minuit.
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Aug 9, 2005
Happy bn-iversary to two of my favorite gals, foxbins and knit.
Kind birthday wishes for Sophi.

The prairie here is not so colorful as Jon's garden photos. It's in its late-summer lull before the pink, purple and white asters erupt for autumn. Fetched some woodchips today to quash the weeds haunting the raspberry patch. Weather is cooler, more pleasant, but the mosquitoes spoil many locales.

Wearing gentle Guerlain With Love.


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Basenotes Plus
Jun 4, 2006
Okay, my friends, big long catch-up post:

Belated Happy BN-versary to teardrop, foxbins and knit-at-nite! We are SO. DAMN. LUCKY. TO. HAVE. YOU!!!! Also healing vibes to teardrop on the wrist: my DH is also dealing with wrist issues, though more from computer work than falls. Hang in there!

More healing vibes to ine’s boyfriend.

Trilby: I’ve seen Hamilton twice: Once on Broadway (post LMR, sadly), and once at the national tour in Boston. Lucky enough to be friends with the national tour stage manager, so got to go backstage after the show. WOW. Just wow.

A tiny bit annoyed my dear friends Jon and cazaubon for giving me another house to explore when I’m between jobs. Francesca Bianchi here I come!

Hednic: I want the Molinard Rafale for the bottle/packaging (peacocks!).

ExtremeK, you are one of the reasons I’ve discovered I love iris-forward fragrances. I see you’ve tried Irisss, and wonder what your thoughts are on it. It’s my HG iris, though I have a couple of others I also love.

Also, another Vetifleur-curious parfumista here. Will check with Manny on options.

Ms Q -Charge card adventures…. Also, please ask your friend/client if they’d be willing to send/sell me their taxidermized peacock. I’m interested!

jujy et. Al., my kids and their partners took all of us out for a ‘sip and paint’ experience for my birthday – Unfortunately we had to limit the ‘sip’ part because I had a job interview later that day, but the pottery results were FABULOUS! And the afternoon was really perfect.

Freewheelingvagabond, I’ve long avoided Une Fleure de Cassie because I assumed it was “cassis” (licorice), which is a note I actively dislike… Should’ve known if you liked it I should try – Cinnamon! YES. Also, Cologne 68? Oh, my goodness, another I love…
It looks like I need to test/buy blind/etc. whatever freewheelingvagabond and HouseOfPhlegethon like/recommend, and also at least test everythingstatic deems worthy. Also, apparently I need to give SJP Stash a go. Thoughts, everyone?

To the Meet-up enthusiasts: I’d love another in Chicago – Will give me a chance to hang out with my youngest, who’s decided to stay there for the nonce. Any chance we could get some of the across-the-pond BNers to join? What about if I try to arrange something either in Boston or NYC? Now that I’ve got family in The Big Apple, I’m open…

SOTD FINALLY: My SOTD: I confess that despite currently being between jobs I bought a few of the (smaller) bottles on my Wishlist for my birthday (tax-free weekend!), including two from Chanel – I now (finally!) own a full (smaller) bottle of the Coromandel EDT, and also bought today’s SOTD: Chanel Paris-Venise.


Not the best of the Chanel line, IMO, but solid, and I am very firmly in love with all things Venice-related, so very happy with my choice.

The additional good news: My Chanel SA gave me enough samples of Boy Chanel that I won’t need to buy a FB for at least a year. :)

Paris-Venise fragrance notes: Citrus, Neroli, Red berries, Iris, Grasse geranium, Cedar, Amber accord, Vanilla.


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Oct 12, 2019
Azzaro Visit

Why in the world did I buy this? Was I drunk?

Maybe it was temporary insanity from Covid boredom.

I quite like it, I wore it earlier's probably not as bad as you anticipate. Cheap, fresh.. what's not to like..

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