SOTD: Monday, 26th July, 2021

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Oct 25, 2007
Mallorcan Almond Oud by Memo



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Jan 3, 2019
Soooo, my holiday time is over, and I mourned it on Saturday and Sunday with big doses of JPG's Classique eau fraiche and Shalimar Souffle de Lumiere - and small dabs of Salvador Dali's Le Roy Soleil before sleep. I had nightmares, of course. No flaming giraffes or melting clocks though - although the weather seems to suggest the possibility.

I'm all fresh and clean in a subtle dose of Cheap and Chic I Love Love by Moschino today. It is still going, but will be gone from my skin soon, so I might go and sample something in the evening - maybe.


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Dec 5, 2007
Good afternoon all !. Mike, I thought you were in Russia until I discovered there was also a St Petersburg in Florida :grin: :embarassed:

Ulrich Lang - Lightscape.




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Jan 18, 2011
Good morning, all.

Sarah Horowitz Perfect Coconut Milk for today, a workday at work. The hectic school year schedule begins, with a couple of weeks of band camp for the youngest.


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Jan 9, 2006
Hang on in there Ine.(( ))

I hope you are refreshed after your holiday, Teardrop, and ready
to take on the world again.

I have spent the day feeling really groggy after four nights of poor
sleep due to the heat. I am wearing Datura Noir by Serge Lutens.

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Jan 6, 2012
Tipping my hat today to the endurance of Mick Jagger on his 78th birthday, on the eve of yet another performance tour. It's rather amazing to me that this much time could have passed, as I can clearly picture my pre-pubescent self watching him appear on "Hollywood Palace" on my mother's black & white television, wiping all thoughts of Beatles from my brain.

Reputedly his favorite fragrances are Chanel Cuir de Russie and Guerlain Vetiver, both appropriately classic and androgynous. Too hot here for the Chanel, I'll salute him with generous sprays of the Guerlain.



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Aug 9, 2005
Hello, my lovelies. Your posts make me smile. Always nice to hear a bit about what you're thinking or how you're doing.

Upon Dear Daughter's recommendation, we're watching "Behind the Attraction" on Disney+. Today's episode is the story behind The Haunted Mansion. Appropriately, I'm wearing Disney's Madame Leota.

DD turns 42 this week. (I have no idea how that happened.) For the first time, we've got diddly squat to give to her. I will be chauffeuring her to/from the airport for her short jaunt to Florida this coming week, and Dad will be taking her car in to get the tires rotated. But we've run out of ideas for our minimalist vegan kiddo. I've gotten her grocery and restaurant gift cards in the past. What's a parent to do? I do have her savings acct #, so there's always crass cash.


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Sep 1, 2010
Thanks, kewart! :kiss: lt's been a busy work day, but strangely l now have three days off to recover! l'll be paying for it later this week though, with three long shifts back-to-back...

We've had a couple of cooler nights here, so it's been easier to sleep, but the weather is a bit strange. We had a few rumbles of thunder with a clear blue sky this afternoon, & now it's turned humid, windy & overcast. lt'd be nice to get a proper storm, only without the flooding, of course.
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Jul 5, 2010
Q, I have a couple of minimalist friends, and they're always looking for ways to trim away whatever friction remains in their lives. Is there anything relating to her ultra-marathon-ing that she runs out of regularly? Favorite brand of socks? The anti-chafe stuff? Something that could be replenished regularly without her needing (to remember) to order it? Minimalists are tough for gift giving. Maybe experiences she values?

Gift-giving is not my forté, unfortunately. I'm fairly rubbish at it. :grin:

Thinking of you, (((ComDiva))), and hoping this week is treating you well.

It's supposed to be 109F - 112F (42-44C) here tomorrow and Wednesday. Ugh.

I wore Serge Lutens A La Nuit earlier today and now Rogue Perfumery Tuberose & Moss.

I hope easyfish is OK. Does anyone know where in Germany he lives?
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