SOTD, MDCI- Cuir Garamante, June 22, 2014

'Lady Godiva' by John Collier, 1897
Parfums MDCI-
Cuir Garamante

Riding in protest yet provocative; assertive,
ever the female in control.
A woman takes the reigns donning
the smoothest, richest leather.

Daunting; the dark forest awaits.
Sultry sandalwood, labdanum, nutmeg
and saffron envelope the velvet robes in
gentle wafting breaths.

A clever falcon knows the way and guides
her home through the beckoning rose arbor.
Gentlemen will appreciate the quality and
bravado, in due time.

pink pepper, nutmeg, saffron, rose,
Oud, papyrus, leather, vanilla,
labdanum, incense, sandalwood



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Well-known member
Jul 4, 2008
Her head tilted downward, showing humility. A kind of humility that is the opposite of an oppressive arrogant husband, she is generous as well. She is quite feminine and gentlemen will eventually admire her bravado.These same men follow her because the pepper, vanilla and incense convince them that they have been unknowingly "smitten" by this scent.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jan 31, 2006
Thanks, Miracleborgtech and Jspo, for the kind and thoughtful comments. I'm really touched. Regarding the story and image of 'Lady Godiva', I especially liked the rebellious aspect of the story. But, as you point out, she appears submissive in the image. A sign of acquiescence and respect- also fitting for the scent.

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