SOTD, Friday, September 11, 2015 - DelRae Wit


Raoul Dufy, 1939
DelRae- Wit
Fancy curls of sweet flowers
beckoning to the dance.
Pink glows amid cool pastels and greens.
The conversation sparkles in tandem
with the champagne.

Daphne is the centerpiece here.
A rare scent whose mythology has
earned it an honored place in history.
Imperfect love angered the Gods and
caused her to be turned into a tree.
And what love is perfect?

We carry on in our festivities,
looking for the ideal partner.
A knowing look, a lively step,
teasing laughter.
Twilight flickers and fails.
Couples connect and converge
under the stars.

Notes- Meyer lemon, green mandarin,
Angelica, laurel nobile, Daphne, Jasmine,
Narcissus, Mimosa, ylang ylang, amber,
vanilla, musk



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