Some thoughts on Creed's Cyprès-Musc


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Jan 17, 2007
Today I am wearing Creed's Cyprès-Musc.

In 2005, I began testing various Creed fragrances. The first one was Cyprès-Musc. It was at a time when decants were allowed on eBay and I bought 5 mils. I liked it and when a 2.5 oz tester was listed, I bought it. Again, it was my first Creed bottle.

That bottle remains about 80% full. I probably reach for it 5-10 times a year at this point. This morning was one of those days. Why today? I wanted two contrasting things: something shockingly fresh and something with warmth (it is chilly here). Cyprès-Musc delivers both of those to me. An intense, bracing coniferous opening enveloped in a warm muskiness.

I know lots of people do not like this one. I certainly am not trying to change anyone's mind on that. I just wanted to share why I grabbed it today.
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Jan 23, 2003
I think it's my favorite Creed. Extremely different from anything else they offer....or anything else anyone else offers.
I don't wear it often either but when I do, I always enjoy it. A very simple fragrance that lasts for days on my skin.
Thanks for mentioning it. I think I'll pull it out for tomorrow's SOTD.
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Feb 22, 2008
Count me as one who likes it, too.
I got my bottle a year or so ago as a gift from a BNer who it didn't work on.
On me it is a wonderful scent and is one of my favorite Creeds.


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Jan 12, 2007
Another HUGE fan, this is my favorite Creed and one of my favorite scents, period. It is so classy, the notes are so attractive and suitable to me (green, slightly austere). I scored a legit tester and I know I'm very fortunate. A truly noble scent.
... in fact, my avvy is holding up a bottle of it!
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Dec 31, 2006
I liked it immediately when I first smelled it.

Although, I can't imagine wearing it in cold/chilly weather - to me, it's a scent I'd only feel comfortable wearing in warm weather. I love the resinous, almost camphorous tree resin scent it gives off - kind of like Scent One: Hinoki but without the incense.
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Mar 5, 2005
This is my favourite Creed by far, and one that lasts enormously long on me. Like Mike, I prefer it on warmer days. It gives me a real energy kick, like walking through a cool forest filled with the smell of earth, green and ozone.


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Feb 15, 2006
I was just sniffing my flacon stopper this morning and admiring how awesome this scent is.

It gets my vote for best outdoorsy scent, hands down.

I think it is well suited for any type of weather, but is particularly satisfying in the fall.

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