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Basenotes Dependent
Oct 23, 2007
Those living in Australia and New Zealand would be familiar with Country Road and Glasshouse brands.

Country Road is known for clothing and house linen. In the past couple of years They have extended into candles and body care lines. My timing maybe off due to endless lockdowns over the last two years when sense of time got lost. I bought Mandarin Rind+Rosemary leaf hand wash. I am intending to use it as a shower gel. Very sunny, uplifting and refreshing.

Glasshouse is known for home scents : candles, diffusers, etc. don’t know how long they had a body line. I’ve noticed a few of their scents have hand creams , shower gels, and a few perfumes. My recent purchase is Kyoto in bloom body wash. A gentle floral scent. I am fooling autumn and making it smell like spring.


Basenotes Plus
Jul 16, 2004
Spacing the purchases out over time, last week I got another box of N°5 soap. I sent one bar to my cousin and will be luxuriating in the rest for a long time to come.

Chanel is nuts to have discontinued all soap but N°5 and Coco Mademoiselle. They make the best bath soap ever. It creates the creamiest lather imaginable. Fortunately the N°5 aroma does not clash with perfumes worn afterward as it is a clean and “soapy” scent. 😊

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