Smokey pineapple oil


New member
Dec 1, 2022
Any advice appreciated.
I once had a rollerball oil that said simply I ❤️Pineapple on a homemade label. It smelled pineapple at first but very soon changed to a burnt caramel Smokey, sun toasted skin, with no trace of pineapple left.
I have purchased every pineapple on the market and none have come close. One did have the burnt note but it was just a whisper, a bit dusty, and still very pineapple. Can anyone lead me in the right direction?
Aug 16, 2022
Not exactly, but it does sound suspiciously like early Creed Aventus, which starts with pineapple and transitions to smoky birch. It's too expensive. There are clones. (Not all Aventus or clones are smoky; study required.)

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