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Feb 8, 2017
Monday in the market a man, vying for attention was wearing lashings of Kiehl's Musk.
everywhere I went he hovered - had he back off I would have complimented his scent.
I can relate. My wife and I were out to dinner the other night--enjoying a lovely evening in the restaurant's garden, when a young guy walked by--and stood near us while waiting for his table--with so much
Bleu de Chanel on, I thought the sky was going to turn from dark back to blue.

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Jul 1, 2011
Wow, seriously impressed tonight, don't usually get such refined taste in my village on a Friday night! Casually dressed dude was rocking vintage Chanel Egoiste EDT, just enough to be quite strong but certainly not overpowering from four feet away. Respect! 👍
I always find it a pleasure when individuals choose to wear iconic classics.


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Apr 1, 2019
With the warmer weather, I'm smelling a lot more fragrances - which is usually a pleasurable experience.

There's a certain floral-spicy thing that women seem to be wearing at the moment, of a range of ages. No idea what it is, it's quite nice though.

I still get the ambroxan-oriental bomb, usually on men, far more often than I would like. Also the lads who work at my nearby co-op use far too much of a mix of dark blues and some sort of ambroxany fougere - not bad, but that much ambroxan in an enclosed place smells fucking awful. Save it for summer days/nights out.

I smelled what I'm sure was Philosykos or Premier Figuier (probably the former) on a SE Asian woman today and it was lovely in the air. It reminded me how much of a shame it was I never found a suitably masculine fig fragrance, as it's a lovely note. It suited her well.


Physician, heal thyself
Basenotes Plus
Apr 1, 2019
I also smelled a lovely vintage-smelling floral-spicy oriental on a woman a week or so ago. It was fantastic, smelled like a Guerlain or possibly a Chanel, but I couldn't be sure. Certainly had a timeless/non-modern smell to it. I regret not asking her what it was as it was beautiful - a very well balanced feminine.


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Nov 20, 2017
Walking down the high street to get some groceries, passed a small group of people watching preparations for the town gala week : Gucci Guilty Absolute. So unexpected; most unusual for this small town.

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