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Aug 17, 2006
Yesterday at Aldi I smelled a distinct and heavy application of Eau de Magnolia by Frederic Malle from a lady who crossed my path. I was frankly impressed. Memphis is not exactly a Mecca of niche and exclusive fragrances.


Basenotes Dependent
Jun 16, 2018
In recent weeks:

Guerlain - Habit Rouge EDT
A former college classmate.

Zara - Vibrant Leather
On the street.

Malizia - Vetyver
A woman from the gym. Overprayed.
No confirmation needed.

Armani - Acqua di Gio Profumo
In a store.

Bentley - Intense
On the street. Oversprayed.

In a bar, someone wore a perfume that I liked very much - dried fruits, incense, smoky, thick, a bit on the sweet side. It reminded me of Jubilation XXV.
I couldn't find who was wearing it.
They weren't the ones next to me. I didn't insist more than that.

I am smelling more people wearing fragrances out and about in recent weeks but I am at a loss as to what they are.
Well, so do I.
Every day I smell a lot of perfumes, but I don't recognize them, or I don't know them.

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