SL Santal de Mysore


Basenotes Dependent
Apr 27, 2006
It's with great sadness that I've realised that this scent is not available.... At least not here in Norway. The SL website do not ship to Norway anymore and I can't find it at Luckyscent anymore either. This is a shame, because I really love this scent and I was too late to buy it. So, I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to suggest some good alternatives? I know it probably can't be replaced, but I'm hoping for suggestions on a spicy, slightly gourmandy sandalwood. On me the cumin and this rather transparent rosey quality is very pronounced. I already own and love Santal majuscule, Santal blanc, Tam dao edt, Bois des iles edt and extrait + Samsara edp and edt....I also have a feeling another SL would probably also be difficult to get hold on. Really grateful for suggestions :)

Dr B1414

Basenotes Junkie
Oct 21, 2019
In my opinion, there is really no perfume that smells similar to Santal de Mysore. Like most Lutens perfumes, it is quite unique, and among all his perfumes, definitely a stand-out creation. I would try to locate a flacon on social media groups, Basenotes, Parfumo, Vinted, and eBay. I think that they still have it on the Serge Lutens EU website, just ask a friend to purchase it for you and ship it to Norway. Really, it's a gorgeous perfume, don't give up, and don't settle for anything less than that. Go get it:)).


Basenotes Institution
Oct 25, 2007
Unfortunately, the only thing that comes close IMO is Santal De Mysore by Montale from their Confidential Collection, which was long ago discontinued and pricey, at about $900 for 100ml. As as result, I would echo the advice of my colleague above.

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