Sisleyum experience?


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Feb 28, 2014

I'd like to hear some experience with Sisley Sisleyum.
Is it that good justifying its 264$ price?



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Basenotes Plus
Nov 5, 2010
I have not tried this. I have tried other Sisley products and they were nice, but not substantially different from products costing 1/10 of the price. (And to be fair I have never found a very expensive skincare product that performed much better than a cheap one). What is supposed to be the special benefit? The ad wasn't clear.


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Aug 9, 2009
I have enough male vanity to admit being tempted by outrageously priced serums like this.

That product is probably pretty good. But being a meticulous web researcher, I fairly consistently find as noted above that there is often very little difference between the super high priced products and the average priced products.

One of the problems I have with products like that is if it IS good and you really like it, now you're hooked on a pricey habit. If you can afford easily, who cares? But I can't...

The only overpriced grooming product I would say was worthwhile was Glam Glow Mud Mask. That stuff is crazy good. But now they have a big variety of "muds" that are confusing...

Dermalogica makes some really good, solid grooming/facial stuff. It's not cheap, but it's not "sell a kidney" kinda pricey. The people at the now closed beauty supply store near me were big advocates of the Dermalogica line and they sold lots and lots of pricier stuff.

I'm not a know it all gmichael, just my opinion after years of grooming stuff and food for thought.
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Feb 28, 2014
Thanks for answers!
The selling point of Sisleyum is being all-in-one product.
It is aftershave and anti-aging serum and moisturizer altogether.
It seems to be very convenient in the morning rush.


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Feb 28, 2014
White Horehound: soothes
Shea butter: nourishes, soothes, repairs, softens and protects
Wild Pansy: increases moisture circulation in the epidermis by stimulating the synthesis of aquaporines
Malachite: reinforces the skin's defenses against free radicals
Rhodochrosite: promotes SOD* activity (*an enzyme that defends against free radicals)
Alkekengi Calyx: anti-free radicals action
Padina pavonica: stimulates the synthesis of glycoaminoglycans
White Willow: accelerates HSP synthesis, anti-elastase and anti-collagenase action

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