[USA] Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist, Baldessarini, Vintage


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May 17, 2014
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Hello Basenoters,
I am beginning to sell off fragrances that I don't wear much, and some older fragrances that can find a better home. Will continue to cull and list in coming weeks.
Feel free to ask questions. Can provide pics to serious inquiries. Prices listed are shipped and firm. Paypal F&F. I have 100% rating on ebay and here on Basenotes.
All frags have been stored in cool, dark closet. Thank you!

$80 Serge Lutens, Iris Silver Mist, La Vaporisateur with Box. About 15mls left

$40 Baldessarini Eau de Cologne, 75 ml bottle, 2/3 full, no box

$28 Worth, Je Reviens, Flacon Recharge, VERY vintage, 3 oz. bottle, over 3/4 full, No Sprayer (will need to decant) in original box.

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