Search for Calvin by Calvin clone or better?


Basenotes Dependent
May 10, 2018
Hi all! Calvin by Calvin in the blue bottle was my favorite and intro to fragrances in the 80"s.
I wonder if there's any update from you fellow Basenoters as to alternates, clone or something better?

(Aramis in the original stone-looking bottle was another beautiful fragrance who's present form is just a shadow)



Wearing Perfume Right Now
Basenotes Plus
Jul 20, 2015
There's plenty of Calvin on eBay. I'm able to find it by using the minus signs to eliminate the other Calvin Klein fragrances.

For example, you could try this search under "men's fragrances:" calvin klein -escape -obsession -eternity -one -be -defy -euphoria -truth -contradiction -man -encounter -free -in2u

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