Scent Of The Night 2021 - What fragrance did you sleep with last night?


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Sep 13, 2004


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May 15, 2015
Sleeping with a side by side of Chanel No 19 EDP on one arm and La Pausa on the other.

I own No. 19 EDP and Parfum and am on the fence about whether I need La Pausa because I find it quite similar. Side by side, I do notice more differences especially in the opening. La Pausa has a lot more iris up front and more of a soft pillowy texture next to No 19's sharpness. No. 19 almost has a smokey/ashy character in comparison which is something I never noticed. They do dry down to a similar tart vetiver except La Pausa is about half the strength of No.19 EDP at this point.

I almost feel like La Pausa could be a flanker to No. 19, with the iris opening amped up and everything else softened. Hmm, still not sure if it's worth it just for that opening.

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