Scent: A Mental Journey

Now, as years seem to pass more quickly and the sentiment of fonder days settles in, I tend to revisit the colognes that have taken me through life's journey so far.
Canoe and Wind Drift (English Leather) were a staple during high school.
Aqua Di Selva was a trusty friend during my late teens and early twenties.
Mid-Twenties brought more complicated times and more serious fragrance like Calvin (the Original) and Kouros.
The thirty something years were laden with Antaeus and Xeryus.
My forties were fragrance free years. Divorce, job-loss and other personal tragedies put fragrance in the back seat. Those years in my forties now seem baron and unmemorable. Perhaps because there is no association with scent.
Now in my fifties, I tend to go back and revisit those fragrances of youth.

Oh, the Canoe still smells clean and sweet...memories of walking through the High School Halls.
The Aqua Di Selva at first reminds me of Campho Phenique but eventually wins me back with it's oily green richness. I remember how well it blended with the smell of my first Leather Jacket.
Antaeus still smells rich and full evoking memory of dinner parties and night clubs but the the Xeryus is strange and not what I remember at all. There is no real feeling here. How sad as it was a favorite of mine. Goodbye old friend.

I end my journey with a plea to the fragrance manufacturers.
If you reissue a fragrance, please keep the original formula.
Keep it genuine.
We who wish to revisit days of youth would like to remember the way it really was while we travel on our sentimental journey.
Thank you.

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