Say It Ain't So Gio... Or A Newbie's Guide to Spotting A Counterfeit Acqua Di Gio.

The past year I have been adding many fragrances to my collection.

But during this time I received my fair share of fakes and counterfeits since I do purchase from online auctions and private sellers.

I give most of these internet sellers the benefit of the doubt as I don't think they realize they are selling a fake or they are just not familiar with that particular fragrance brand they have offered for sale.

It is not unusual for the seller to state that they have "recieved the counterfeit as a gift." Most likely they opened it, smelled it, stated "P.U." after trying it and later decided they could sell it on an internet auction.

My Latest purchase was a used bottle of Acqua Di Gio which came without a cap. Image Below.


As you may see, the image on the right is the fake.
Initial clues were the fragrance itself which smelled awful and nothing like Acqua Di Gio. The peeled writing on the bottle was a dead giveaway also.
(The counterfitters used poor silk screening that you can actually peel off with your finger. Yuck.)

The next clue was the color of the fragrance, which had a yellow tint. (I don't even want to consider what that may actually be).

The final clues were the sprayer-it is white-not black.
The top of the glass bottle has an obvious raised seam and also the plastic sprayer 'holder' is more rounded.
The lip of the holder is higher also.
I conclude that this is why the bottle was offered for sale without a cap.
An authentic Acqua Di Gio cap won't even fit properly on this fake bottle.

I understand those who have collected fragrances for years would easily spot these fakes.
But a Newbie needs to become aquainted with the actual fragrance before purchasing blindly.
Otherwise you could have one of these stinkers in your wardrobe and not even realize you were wearing a fake.
This could be unsafe as who knows what ingredients are in these counterfeits.

The seller who sold me this obviously was wearing it quite a bit since the bottle is half full.
The seller appeared embarassed when I politely notified them that I had received a fake.
Fortunately they are honest and are refunding my purchase.

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