Sauvage Elixir vs Bleu de CHANEL Parfum?

d r e

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Dec 24, 2018
Not that similar IMO

I prefer BdC Parfum

Only tried Elixir on test strips but it basically smelled like a more complex spicier MFK masculin Pluriel to me.

Performance seemed great for Elixir, got a lil bit on my hands from the test strips and was getting wafts hours later even after washing hands. BdC Parfum performance is also great


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Jun 12, 2017
I guess if you take the entire universe of fragrances, these two would swim in the same lane. But just taking each for what it is and comparing them, they're not alike. I do prefer the Elixir over BDC Parfum.


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Mar 17, 2011
The difference between them is night and day.

Bleu Parfum is a woodier (read amberwoods) play on the original BdC theme, whereas Dior's offering is a much woodier and smokier theme than the original Sauvage. The Dior is also much stronger to the point that one spray gave me a headache.

I'd choose the Chanel over the Dior any day.


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Apr 2, 2021
The Dior is also much stronger to the point that one spray gave me a headache.

I wonder if the woody aromachemical is the culprit, rather than the concentration. I notice it felt like an ice pick digging into my brain. I've detected this same aromachemical in Explorer and other Aventus copycats.This aromachemical is trendy right now. Even Abercrombie & Fitch is using it for Authentic Man.


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Jun 10, 2012
Are they similar? What about performance? Which one is better?

"Are they similar?" - No.

"What about performance?" - Dior Sauvage Elixir

"Which one is better?" - I'd say Sauvage Elixir. Bleu Parfum smells good but the base is a bit too sweet, and it's nearly imperceptible on my skin after a couple of hours. Sauvage Elixir just feels better crafted. Although it's pricier.

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