Salvador Dali PH - Need Advice, Please.


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Feb 9, 2018
Helloooooo all!

I'm thinking of acquiring a 50ml bottle of SDPH and I have 2 choices.
One is a frosted glass, grey box, gold frame, splash.
The other is dark clear bottle, grey'ish Blue box, gold frame, spray (old style fat straw) and called "Edition Speciale".
Both say Eau de Toilette on bottle.
Both are short-list Copci/Copra boxes/versions.

And both bottles are same price...

So, besides the optics, what are the differences? Which one should I pick?




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Dec 21, 2020
As far as I know, the formulation should be the same original one in both. Just one thing to consider: I have the Edition Speciale spray and it doesn't stay primed, a.k.a. it usually sprays nothing for the first couple of pumps and even after that the mist is weak. Not a huge problem for me though as I've decanted to an atomizer with a syringe.


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Dec 21, 2020
Thanks guys!!
Splash or spray, doesn't matter that much. I'm thinking more formula wise and am also concerned about stinky vanilla [emoji1]

Hmm, there is a sweetness, but it's not "stinky vanilla" to me but rather a very natural kind of sweetness. That said, from what I know (or think I know) of your preferences, you may be less tolerant of sweetness than I am (not than I'm into "candy stuff" - not at all). There is always a possibility that SDpH could come across as cloying. But I would imagine the cloying effect to stem from it being very dense, not because of sweetness per se.

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