Sales counter fun

Every Thursday I've been hanging out @ the mall for about an hour & a half before my personal training sessions. I always love sniffing @ Nordies, but there always seems to be the same stuffy SA's @ the counter. Last night, there was a new kid. He was very very helpful. I was trying those new-ish Polo fragrances. I had just sprayed the "energize" & some lady came over & asked what smelled so good. I gave her the strip I just sprayed & she loved it. She asked the SA about some Escada fragrance & he went to check to see if they had any info on it. In his abscence, I told her a) she could probably find the Escada fragrance at TJ Maxx or Marshall's for under $20, & if she liked that Polo fragrance to check out Clinique Happy. She thanked me & said I should be working there instead :).

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