S O T D Thursday 27th August

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VM I hate civet

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Sep 4, 2008
First time I have started this thread, but I wanted to wish Soirdelune a very HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY!!!

I am rubbish at the uploading thingummy business so will just find a very small cake smiley for now till the more technically able members pile in behind me with some mouthwatering offerings!

I am just off to the vet for a teeth and nail inspection and some jabs (not before time, I hear some of you say! : - ) ), but will be wearing the inimitable Cuir de Lancome, which Soir introduced me to earlier this year.

The poor woman has to work today and tomorrow (sadly missing the BN meet), so may not get to look in till tonight.

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Aug 27, 2007
S o t D Thrusday 27 August

Good Thrusday to all
Le Troisiéme Homme



Remarkable and Glorious perfume !!!!!


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jan 9, 2006
Happy Birthday SoirdeLune!!

Just off to the hairdressers first thing, then catching the train to London for the
Basenotes Sniffathon tomorrow- beyond excited!! Wearing The Sanctuary Classic edt.
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May 30, 2006
Happy Birthday Soir de Lune!!! :birthdays: :kiss:
40 isn't so bad, though it can cause a bit of an allergic reaction initially, so be prepared for some stinging, redness and irritation.
It soon passes if you take a big slice of birthday cake and some champagne. :D

Our cute and fluffy kitten JJ is growing up very quickly into a teen terror. He has developed an interest in eating plants, having demolished two houseplants so far in the homes of families that have babysat him while we've been on our travels. Thanks goodness we're home and reasonably settled for a while now. (Though we have more visitors arriving today and will have another visitor next week, so settled is a relative term right now.) Anyway, last week's visitors gave me a lovely bunch of flowers and foliage, which I had in a sturdy stoneware jug on the kitchen table. JJ spotted the leaves and last night knocked the jug over twice in one night while trying to eat the plants, flooding the table and floor. (It's OK, this is a child-ready house so the table is covered with plastic and the floor is lino.)
So now I'm dashing round the house trying to tidy up before our guests come and I'm having to carry the jug of flowers from room to room with me to keep the Teen Terror from molesting it again. How loopy is this? I'll have to get him some of that special cat grass to munch on until the weather is bad enough for us to let him out (well we do in theory want him to come back).

But that has nothing to do with perfume! Since I'm going to have a shower before I go to pick up my visitors from the airport, I could go for something really "woo-hoo crazy fun" to clean the house, but I just grabbed from the bathroom shelf again and went with... Lolita Lempicka. I keep turning to this perfume lately. I think I'm going for a particular style of perfume at the moment. Something a tad spiky or sharp or green to keep things interesting and fresh as the weather shifts from super-sunny and baking hot last week to positively autumnal today. (Foggy, cool and overcast.) I wore a sweater to walk Small to school this morning. A shock!

I wonder when it will be time for my annual craving for L'Heure Bleue? I guess that's coming soon. Crikey, where did the year go?

Hope you're all having good days. And I SO wish I could be at one of the meets this weekend. Sniff something for me, will ya? :)
Hugs to all.
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Basenotes Plus
Jul 5, 2008
Happy birthday, Soirdelune! :)

Going to wear the overlooked, odd and pretty Noa today.


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Dec 5, 2007
My SOTD is Alain Delon - Iquitos. Happy Birthday Soirdelune!

Top Notes: Ginger, Mandarine, Cardamom
Middle Notes: Rose, Cedar, Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood
Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Leather



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Jan 29, 2008
:birthdays:Happy Birthday Soirdelune! :birthdays:

Cartier Roadster for me today.

Sorcery of Scent

Congrats Soirdelune - you share a birthday with my mum who is celebrating her 60th today! :)

Today, Im loving the rum, rhubarb, mint and oud in:


Somerville Metro Man

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Feb 22, 2008
Happy Birthday soirdelune! Go have a great day and an even better smelling one. :)
Happy Anniversary to Chaya and B, 26 years strong enjoy your trip to the Gardner today you love birds. :D

Wanted to wear a rose today and thought I might go right to the top to find one.

Guerlain Nahema

A rose is a rose is a rose so sayeth Gertrude Stein. When it comes to perfume that is not true there are many roses out there and not all of them are created equal. Then there are the roses that seem like mythical flowers that seem to have no imitators and no equal. Jean-Paul Guerlain's 1979 creation for Guerlain, Nahema, is arguably the greatest rose scent ever made. According to Luca Turin in Perfumes The Guide this was done without using any actual rose oil. Instead this is perfumers sleight of hand, in other words magic. There are only a few scents that have made me have to wear them multiple time before I feel properly equipped to talk about them. I think the scientist in me believed that I would be able to tease the individual components out the more I wore Nahema to see how rose could be created without rose, I can't. Therefore like the greatest magic acts I finaly admit defeat and just sit back and let the illusion happen because its spectacular. Nahema starts with a heady blast of rose and what I find so interesting is the rose seems to change character a number of times throughout the development on my skin first it seems to be a tea rose, then a bulgarie-like rose, then something else as my head spins trying to follow the bouncing rose until I just let it wash over me. The rose is eventually joined by a lush peach note. This is a peach that is so full and round it would burst if it fell off the tree. This lush peach is perfect and properly defines this as a fruity floral but if you're comparing it to the hundreds of fruity florals that are out there, please stop. That is like comparing a Bentley to a SmartCar. Nahema uses the interplay of both notes to create a symphony and while this is a fruity floral it is in no way over-the-top sweet like so many in the class. As Nahema finally settles into its base a mix of vanilla and sandalwood show up and bring this to a soothing slightly sweet woody close. Nahema has great longevity and sillage. Nahema is one of those benchmark scents; it is an astonishing example of a rose scent, it is an astonishing example of a fruity floral and finally it is just plain astonishing.

Have a Thundrous Thursday everyone.
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Oct 18, 2008
Happy Birthday, Soirdelune!

Wearing Prada Infusion d'Iris today.
Have a great day, everyone!


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Feb 22, 2006
:birthdays:Hey Soir! Best birthday wishes to you today!:birthdays:

My insides are beginning to bubble with excitement due to the basenotes world wide meet up! Our Chicago group will be small, but we're mighty! Look out SA's, we're about to converge upon your testers with noses (and wallets) at the ready!!!

Today, Iris Nobile edt- Acqua di Parma


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Oct 24, 2005
Happy birthday Soirdelune! :birthdays: :beer:

Parfums DelRae's wonderful cloud of lavender & herbs: EAU ILLUMINEE
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Mar 3, 2007
Happy Birthday Soir ...if I were there, I'd KISS you [most delightfully ;-)] !
Happy Birthday, Matthew...
Happy Birthday, Michel Roudnitska ! [ and THANK YOU !]

SMM has pre-empted me...it's B's and my 26th anniversary.
We're just glad we're relatively healthy, love each other- and will be snoogly.

Jubilation 25- what else ? ! [ except Mitsy ;-) ]

I see SMM is wearing Nahema- I adore it, nothing else is like it.
You all smell delicious.

Yup, BN w/e is coming up !
I look forward to the old faces I love, and the newer ones I WANT TO ...;-)


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Apr 27, 2006
Good morning everybody:) Today I was craving an incence scent.I have a rather neglected bottle of AL Nag champa on my bathroom desk,so I decided to give it a go. The first time I tested it I was a little dissapointed ,since I felt it didn't smell like the real thing to me. I decided to add some sandalwood oil and Frankinsence....so that is the one I'm wearing today.It's still quite chemical smelling to me,but feels a lot more like "me" than the original mix. Hope you have an excellent day Soirdelune!!! HAPPY BIRTRHDAY!!:)


I smell something…
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Jun 19, 2005
Happy birthday, Soir! May I put in a good word for the 40s? They are FABULOUS! I am 48 and have never felt more powerful, confident or desirable than I do right here and now.


Chaya! Happy anniversary to you and B! xoxo

Sotd is Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur. Rawrrrr!

Enjoy the day, all!


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Nov 24, 2006
Happy birthday Soirdelune!
And happy anniversary to Chaya!
To joy, love, fun!

I am wearing AL Sunday Girl.


Doing the BN salute
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Aug 9, 2005
Umbrellas up, my powdered pretties!
It's raining again. Lovin' this unusually cool and wet/green late summer. Will be decanting in prep for Worldwide Basenotes Meet-Up, so I'll smell like a mix of my favorites

Happy Birthday, Soirdelune!
Happy Anniversary, Chayas!

Sunnyfunny said she had a veggie muffaletta and riesling yesterday. That sounded so good, I'm serving this for our festivities today.​
KITTIES KNOCKING THINGS DOWN: Our boy Clay liked to notify us of his needs and whims by knocking his food bowl from the heights where we place it to keep it away from the dog. I finally solved this commotion by c-clamping the bowl to the lid of the cedar chest.


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May 12, 2009
Happy days to the celebrators! (With an extra high-five for SoirdeLune from a fellow vintage 1969 lady...)

I slept in 31 Rue Cambon last night and it was WONDERFUL. The initial floral is pleasant and well-bred, and there is just enough of an animalic drydown that I could actually live with this one!

A sampling of Sous le Vent for breakfast today....it reminds me so very much of my Givenchy III.

Between the recent arrival of a nice big parcel from TPC and my field trip to Sephora yesterday, I might be having a bit of new-frag fatigue. I'll rest my nosie with something familiar today, I think. Now I just need to decide what...perhaps Mitsouko or Feminite de Bois......


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Jan 15, 2008
Happy Birthday Soir de Lune! And Happy Anniversary to the Chayas :)
An arresting moon fitting for both occasions...supplied by NASA, of course!


I haven't decided on SotD yet--but summer has FINALLY arrived here. 80's at the beaches which means the valleys will probably be in the 100's--stay cool mysticknot and NTesla!


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Aug 5, 2008

Thank you all, for your beautiful and bounteous birthday messages! I am overwhelmed. They are just lovely!


Would love especially to congratulate Chaya and her husband on 26 happy years of marriage. I salute you both! :kiss:

To close, I'd like to send an especially loving hug to my dear friend and enabler, VM I Hate Civet, who has supplied me with the most stupendous array of samples and decants for my birthday. Of these, the most fitting -- and one of the most lovely -- was surely The Party in Manhattan. It is superlatively good; one of the finest and most cleverly constructed scents I have smelt in some time. And the quality is peerless.

What amazes me, Vanessa, is how you can like this stuff? It's a fabulous, fruity chypre, which I fantasise must smell like pre-formulated Femme (with a smidge of No. 5 EDP blended in). And you HATE Femme! In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that it smells just a little bit civetty ..... ;)

VM I hate civet

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Sep 4, 2008
What amazes me, Vanessa, is how you can like this stuff? It's a fabulous, fruity chypre, which I fantasise must smell like pre-formulated Femme (with a smidge of No. 5 EDP blended in). And you HATE Femme! In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that it smells just a little bit civetty ..... ;)

Aha, well, I am known for my exceptions to rules - soft spot for Bal a Versailles being a case in point. I am mercurial and inconsistent and a consummate flittersniffer! But actually I get more carnation and clove? in Party - it is sparkly (like No 5) and grainy a bit like Sous Le Vent but stays the right side of acerbic, and is less citric, if that is a word. Well it is an acid so it must be! Party to me is a bone dry Riesling of a chypre, and I don't get the sinister smutty fruit of Femme, mercifully, from which I would indeed beat a hasty retreat. You detect civet?? My civet receptors may need their batteries changed! I must retest this instant....

Guest 3

My SotD is Y by Yves Saint Laurent from a decant sent by Musse (my incredibly generous first Basenotes Fairy Scent Godmother) a while back.

Top notes are aldehydes, honeysuckle, gardenia, green notes, peach and mirabelle plum; middle notes are tuberose, orris root, jasmine, hiacynth, ylang-ylang and bulgarian rose; base notes are sandalwood, amber, patchouli, benzoin, civet, oakmoss, vetiver and styrax.

This is my very favorite chypre in the classic mode (well...60's mode). Y is so very pretty and elegant to me, and there is an underlying earthy sexiness, too. I think it may have been VM I Hate Civet who pointed out the civet in its base, which I had not noticed before, but that’s probably why it's a bit animalic & sexy underneath the airy Monet garden florals & greenery. I get the ripe fruits of summer, too, (as in Diorella, my other favorite summer chypre), and I'm listening to the cicadas in the background right now and this is just the perfect scent for this morning.

Happy Birthday, Soirdelune! :birthdays: :beer:
I hope you have a marvelous one! :)


Adding: Best wishes to Chaya and Hubbie on their anniversary!
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Mimi Gardenia

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Aug 15, 2008

A Very Happy Birthday Soirdelune ! Have a lovely day !


Much Happiness to Chaya and B today and many best wishes ! Enjoy your day !

Scent of the early morning is Youth Dew extrait. Just a few drops is delicious and smells fresh.


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Aug 27, 2007
Soirdelune - Happy Birthday!!!!
Chaya and Dear H - Happy Anniversary!! (26 YEARS! Wow, I hang with a man 26 MONTHS and I get excited :) )


Yesterday's discovery - go to the best local barber and get your hair cut. Took me 10 minutes (my usual cut takes about 3 hours for some reason), $18 (my usual cut costs around $75) and is more even than any of the stylists I've had around DC.

Probably wouldn't go there for styling or a fancy do - but to have my mid-back length straight hair cut - this was a HUGE score.

Shoot - I may even get my hair cut 3 times a year now :grin:


On a quest to finish old samples. Dumped the rest of my Susanne Lang Cashmere sample on my chest. I smell good. Too bad it will be gone by 2pm eastern.


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May 15, 2008
Happy 40th Birthday, Soirdelune!:birthdays:

Happy 26th Anniversary, Chaya!:beer:

SOTD is Jolie Madame. Take care, all.


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Mar 8, 2005
Happy Birthday Soir de Lune! I hope you can find some time to celebrate fully, despite all the work.

Happy Anniversary to Chaya and Mr Chaya too!

I have no scent on today. I keep looking in the drawer and wishing I had Timbuktu, though I have managed Ormonde Woman a couple of times this week. I think the seasons are changing. Anyway, I am looking forward to being inspired tomorrow in London, can't wait!


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May 1, 2008
Best wishes to all those celebrating!

Today, I'm decked out in Tokyo Milk Song in D Minor. Minor? Don't think so--this is a major-key collision of gardenia and honey with a drydown that smells nearly identical to Serge Lutens' Miel de Bois. The gardenia in this frag is huge; it exploded off my skin atomically and engulfed me--innocently navigating Jax traffic in my car--in this white, honeyed cloud. I realized I liked the drydown, rather fondly recalling the MdB I wore a few times before swapping. Urinous note of MdB is not so apparent in the "Song." This is my second day in "Song" and it lasted over 12 hours. I was amused at how it blew up; first I sniffed and thought it pleasant, then sprayed on a card and only then on my wrist.

For giant gardenia lovers onlly!

Jane Daly

Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
May 29, 2008
Happy Birthday & Anniversary! Mmmmm those cakes....

Today loving the powdery sweet incense of SMN Melograno....

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