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What can I swap?

Fragrances and other scented products such as candles, body powders, shower gels and soaps.

You can swap whole bottles, partial bottles and decants.

What are the requirements for swapping?

You are a Basenotes Plus member
You have been a member for over a year
You have made over 500 posts

As long as ONE of these criteria are met, you can post a swap.

Rules when swapping

  • Only one thread per member.

  • Delete the thread when all the transactions are finalised (i.e. all buyers have received their goods.
Threads will be deleted after 12 months if they have not been updated.
It is suggested that you include where you are willing to ship within your post, or in your post title.

Replying and bumping

  • If you wish to contact a seller about a swap, you should do so by PM. (Please ensure you have enough room in your inbox).

  • Only bump a thread every 7th day.


Please give appropriate feedback when you have taken part in a transaction on the Marketplace. This is the best way to help other members make decisions about who to trade with.

Before leaving any negative feedback, we strongly urge members to try and communicate with each other (politely and calmly) before doing so.It’s amazing how many negative situations can be resolved by talking.

Protecting yourself as a swapper (These are suggestions, not rules)

  • If in doubt - do not ship outside of your country, unless you are happy dealing with issues of customs confiscating your package.

  • Check the feedback of the member you are swapping with with and decide whether you feel happy to do business with this member.

  • Please send as soon as possible once an agreement has been reached.

  • Ensure items are fully secure and packaged appropriately.

  • Obtain a proof of posting from your delivery service, and retain it until your swap partner has received their package.
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