Room Scent of the Day for March 2023


It smells so good in here
Basenotes Plus
Aug 20, 2009
I've been burning some incense sticks over the last week. Sandalwood, Amber and Black aromas.

Today, I'm back with fragrance oils in either the oil warmer or wax warmer. Apple & Cinnamon (Scent description - Our Apple and Cinnamon Fragrance Oil is a light and delicious, fruity blend of juicy red apple and light cinnamon notes without overloading the senses. The pleasing aroma has a touch of nutmeg and citrus top notes.) in the kitchen area and Iced Lemon Cookie (Scent description - Notes of lemon zest, creamy vanilla, sugar cookies, juicy Meyer lemons.) in another area of the house.

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