Roja Dove - Manhattan


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Basenotes Plus
Apr 27, 2018
Great scent. Falls squarely in the "dark spicy" category, but it is SO obviously a holiday scent. Aoud and Qatar are my usual daily-driver fall/winter Roja scents. That will continue to be so, but Manhattan is the obvious choice for "Scent of the Evening" around thanksgiving, as well as christmas dinners/parties. Nice non-overpowering opening of cinnamon and clove, a touch of rose, and a bunch of other stuff I won't attempt to make out.

Glad I went with a decant and didn't spend $1,000 on a bottle because it seems so obviously made for holiday gatherings so I'd probably use 10ml at most over the course of a winter.

Top Notes: Basil, Lavender and Bergamot;
Middle Notes: Heliotrope, Coconut, Violet, May Rose and Jasmine;
Base Notes: Tobacco, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Musk, Clove, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Ginger, Pine, Benzoin, Cedar, Vetiver and Pink Pepper.

Edit: Now that i'm sitting with the scent and looking at the note listing. This smells like what Bortnikoff was TRYING to do with Sir Winston (but failed at)
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Jun 28, 2009
The Sir Winston reference certainly got me intrigued. But I’m probably one of the very few who actually dig the Bortnikoff…


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Apr 27, 2018
Nice to read you're enjoying it. I'll try to smell it if I come across it.
It appears to be sold out on the roja page which is fine by me because this isn't a full bottle buy for me (at that price). But if you catch any splits around and are into the dark-spicy niche, i'd highly recommend.
The Sir Winston reference certainly got me intrigued. But I’m probably one of the very few who actually dig the Bortnikoff…
I was the one in the bortnikoff thread whining about my nose not being able to discern notes beyond the Tuberose. I think I described my plight as interpreting the smell as a tuberose dipped in tobacco lol. Huge Bortnikoff fanboy, but I wasn't able to enjoy that one to the extent i wanted. Will buy Amber and Musk Cologne until it's not longer possible to buy them though. LOVE those offerings.


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Jun 5, 2019
On me, Manhattan is mostly cinnamon, cloves, tobacco and a beautifull and not too sweet coconut (analysing the whole life of the fragrance, of course) that gives an addictive touch to the drydown. It is one of his best works to be honest. I quite, quite like it; especially after the fourth hour onwards.

I also agree that it brings a type of festive aura. Mature; at times, bitter: and also sweet, perfumey and resinous... Diaghilev? It does follow that big band and complex [light brownish] evolution also present in Parfum de la Nuit 3. I repeat: one of his best, althoug a bit redundant.


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Oct 24, 2011
Looks like it is back in stock at
Not a big surprise, but some of the collectors are going wild after they "invested" in an original bottle after it was marketed as a limited-edition, numbered release. A typical marketing strategy for this brand (and others), however.

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