Roja dove amber extrait


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Nov 10, 2011
Absolue Precieux? Yes. Beautiful. But at that price point I was expecting something profoundly different from anything I had ever experienced. And I am the type who not only tolerates all of the hocus pocus involved with fragrance marketing - I enjoy it and I'll pay for it. I came away from both of my Absolue Precieux experiences underwhelmed. I may still end up with a bottle but I'm not fixated on acquiring one. It's great stuff but I think that the price point ratcheted up my expectations to an unrealistic level. I found it not to be hugely better than some of the elite Guerlains.

It is tempting in the sense that I feel like having a Roja bottle would complete my collection and the visual impact of seeing it in my display would be really enjoyable, the color of the amber bottle is great, spraying the Oud version is a hoot - it looks like muddy spatter paint, totally would ruin white shirts but I couldn't get obsessive about the fragrances themselves. Pleasant, even beautiful amber, very tamed, civilized oud, but I was waiting for the earth to move and the angels to sing and it didn't happen.


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Mar 14, 2007
Tried and bought first bottle today. I am very picky about Ambers. This is the very best. Warm, milky, sweet but with muscle and sophistication.

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