Rising Phoenix 20% Off $35 & Up Nov 18th to Nov 23rd.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jun 28, 2016
Here's JK Rising Phoenix Perfumes Etsy link
JK Delapp has a score of 4.8/5 on 8,339 sales on Etsy.
He was good samples of different ouds as well as sandalwoods, incense, etc.
The samples are .3 which is a fair amount. The range from $20 and up.
I just picked up more myself.
He takes PP in 4 plus others as well as Klarna.
Here's Klarna's link.
Klarna is a Pay in 4 like PP in 4.
I use Klarna.
Etsy also has Rakuten.
Here's Rakuten's link.
I also use Rakuten. Rakuten has right now a $40 refer a friend.
So if you use it, you can sign someone up and you'll both get it.
I don't work for them, nor am I trying to get anything.
If it can help someone, all the better.
If anyone has a problem with what I just said, I'll delete it.
Hopefully, you'll find something you like,
and may everyone have the best of holidays.


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