Revisiting Nuit de Noël


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Nov 5, 2010
Interesting article as usual.

Of course, noone knows what the current Nuit de Noel smells like. Caron has reformulated all the feminines, to their detriment. I have an edt from a few years ago that doesn't smell at all like the old stuff, and it's quite subpar. I wonder what the perfume might be. Most likely, the rich, mossy and clovey mousse de saxe base is gone.



queen of the universe
Basenotes Plus
Jun 8, 2008
Ah, your article sent me trolling on ebay. Not knowing which generation of N d N smells like, I decided to savor your description over taking chances. . .


Basenotes Institution
Jul 16, 2004
Oh, what an interesting article. My extract is from the late 90s from Les Senteurs and came as a surprise. Why? I was expecting this loud oriental a la 80s, but on me is so smooth and even understated classic. I did decant some into a spray and wore with abandon. I managed to get a backup bottle of extract some years back on Ebay for only £60!!!


Basenotes Dependent
Oct 10, 2006
I'd love to know what the current extrait is like. I tried the current EDT last year and could barely smell it, it was just some weak plastic rosy thing. I once smelled just the residue from a very, very vintage extrait, and it was a glorious, deep sandalwood ambrosia. It was hypnotic.

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