Replacements for Bulgari Rose Essentielle and Stella Rose Absolue?


Basenotes Member
Jul 9, 2020
I haven't bought any new scents for a couple of years because Covid. Now I can smell again, I wanted to buy new FBs of two of my favourite scents, Bulgari Rose Essentielle and Stella Rose Absolue. Yes, I know that rose frags can be very similar, but these two were quite distinctive in my opinion. The Bulgar added a lovely blackberry note and bordered on becoming a chypre, while I really like the combination of amber and rose in the Stella perfume. Both were gifts from my daughters, who understand my love of rose scents. Now - horror! - both have been discontinued. I suspect this may be because of IFRA, since both relied so heavily on rose. Can anyone point me in the direction of finding replacements for these two much-missed frags? I think of them as quality frags, even though they weren't eye-wateringly expensive, because they were very subtle and long-lasting, and had a good sillage. Whether anything like them can still be made I don't know, but hopefully someone can give me a hint or two.

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