Raw Perfume Materials (Aroma Chemicals) Cheap Shipping (Help)


Basenotes Member
Oct 28, 2020
Hello, I live in Brazil and I have a hard time finding Gourmand Aromatic Chemicals, maybe you don't know, but our currency is very undervalued, so shipping is often not worth it, many materials like Levistamel, Tabanon, Ambrocenide, Isobutyl Phenyl Acetate, Safranal, Maple Lactone, Furaneol, among many others do not exist here for shopping.

I know there is shop.perfumersapprentice, pellwall and so on, but I wanted someone with low shipping to another country and PerfumersWorld is not a purchase option for me.

To give you an idea of conversion, the freight from PA is around 62 dollars. Converting to real would give 349 reais = 349 DOLLARS..

Anyway, thanks <3

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